Bank Shares: UK Banks vs Euro Banks

Introduction – I have seen many worry about the British banks since Brexit. However I still am sticking to this idea of stop worrying about the UK worry about the Eurozone. Using the share prices I want to show how the European banks are really struggling (pre and post-Brexit) and how this is where the main concern should be.

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Warning: An Open Letter to All Private Language Schools in the EU

Dear Private Language Schools in the EU,

  I am writing this because it has recently come to my attention that local and national newspapers (especially in the UK) are reporting on the financial situation in Europe very differently to financial newspapers and banks. Consequently I think many people are not unaware of the real financial situation in Europe or of a new rule from the EU, which could potentially cause some schools to go out of business.
[This article sums up the new rule and a lot of this blog post]

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Stop Worrying About The Brexit, Worry About the Eurozone (My personal opinion – A different perspective)

[Note – This is effectively a working document. I will make changes and add links as I find them]

Introduction –
I have noticed that everyone has been worrying about the Brexit and its consequences within the UK that they seem to be blinded to the fact the Eurozone has more serious issues at the moment. I think the reason it is being over looked by the British press is because many are looking at everything the wrong way round: They see the Brexit affecting the Eurozone, not what I believe that the Eurozone will affect the Brexit.
The best person to highlight this point is the Netherlands far right leader who said; “Everyone is worrying about the Brexit and what will happen and how long it will take. Well we know it will be 2 years. The real question is will the EU last that long”.
Let me explain what I everyone else has forgotten…

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Don’t Blame Older People, Learn From Them – An Open Letter to the Younger People Protesting Brexit

Introduction – This is an open letter I wrote earlier this week after seeing all the hatred on Facebook from both sided and most seems to be quite injustly. It is written specifically to those blaming the older generation, and explaining why I feel we shouldn’t be blaming the older people but we should learning from them and the only people should blame if any is our own generation. This is my personal opinion as a 26 year old teacher who is interested in the political world. I personally believe many major points have been over looked.
[This is also part of a longer blog post which I am currently writing about my opinions on all things Brexit. (I will post a link once I have finished it)]

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My TEFL Mission

I am on a mission to help new/ prospective TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers through the confusing industry of teaching English abroad 🙂
When I first started looking into TEFL courses 5 years ago it was very confusing and that doesn’t seem to have changed much over the years. There are so many courses, so much contradicting advice, etc and not really anywhere which is free and impartial in order to ask questions (especially from those who have done it themselves).

[Note – I am not connected to a company in any way. Just a teacher teaching English in Portugal]


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An Open Letter to all TEFL/ESL Teachers


Dear Fellow TEFL/ESL Teachers,

I am writing this in the hope of support and help from fellow ESL teachers around the world. I am sorry if this becomes longer than I had hoped.

Recently I have been researching TEFL courses for a friend as she can’t afford the CELTA which I did. I realised how little realiable information there is. A lot of it is true but many seem to be written for the benefit for the company, rather than for the person reading it. Thus causing lots of contradictions from post to post and making it very confusing.
So I have started to try and help answer questions and give personal and impartial advice to those who ask for it. A Facebook group seemed a good idea and it was a popular idea. Thus I have just set one up.

I hope that in the future this group can be a great place for those prospective teachers to ask questions and get advice. Plus also those already teaching abroad already can share their stories. More information about the group here.

At the moment it is a bit quiet as it is a new group. There are a few who have posted on there. I hope that other ESL teachers could also get involved by telling your stories and talking about your experiences (both positive or negative) or posting links to either your own blogs or blogs/websites you have seen and you think will be useful to those just starting out in the ESL world or looking for their first job.

Link to the Facebook group here

I am sure that not everyone will be interested but I would be really grateful if anyone could add something.

Thanks and Best Wishes


Want to do TEFL and don’t know where to start?

Summary – A lot of information for those trying to get into the profession of teaching English as a foreign language seems to be confusing and there is no real way of speaking to those in the profession to help to begin with.
So I have set up a Facebook group to ask questions and for teachers to share their experiences.
Also let me explain here the main reason for why these issues arise in the first place.


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A Typical Day For Me As A ESL/TEFL Teacher

Summary – I have been reading various blog posts about the daily routines of a TEFL teacher. Mine seems very different so I thought I would share my normal workday at a private language school in Portugal.


A beautiful sunset over Lisbon from the Miradouro da Senhora de Monte

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Can’t Find A TEFL Job? 5 Reasons Why This May Be

Summary – So you have just recieved your TEFL certificate but can’t find a job and now you are wondering why. This is a list of reasons based on my own experiences. Also a bit of advice for how to overcome these problems.
[This post is mainly aimed at first time/ newly qualified teachers but might be useful for teachers with a bit of experience too. Similarly this is based on teachers applying online and securing a contract before they arrive in the country. Not if you just arrive and hope for the best]


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