My TEFL Mission

I am on a mission to help new/ prospective TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers through the confusing industry of teaching English abroad 🙂
When I first started looking into TEFL courses 5 years ago it was very confusing and that doesn’t seem to have changed much over the years. There are so many courses, so much contradicting advice, etc and not really anywhere which is free and impartial in order to ask questions (especially from those who have done it themselves).

[Note – I am not connected to a company in any way. Just a teacher teaching English in Portugal]


I started off by tweeting those who were asking for advice. I then realised the ones who really need it are the ones whose tweets are basically lost in cyberspace so I started lots of Twitter searches to find those who are lost and confused.
Originally this was from my own account (@Sportycb) but I am afraid of annoying my original followers so now I have set up @TheTEFLHelpdesk too. [Although I haven’t used it for a while because of being too busy. I hope to get back into it soon]

I set up this FB group for new/prospective TEFL teachers to ask qustions to current teachers for  free and impartial advice: Link
The questions vary from anything from the best courses to finding a job. Also many current teachers have shared their stories.
We even have TEFL course providers using it to get feedback for new ideas.

The Situation at the Moment
The Facebook group has been around for about 4 months and the group has become quite popular and very welcomed. We have over 800 members and I am certain that this will continue to expand. Especially as I haven’t done anything to promote it in over 3 months. We have lots of teachers involved from all around the world answering questions, sharing blogs and recommending courses and places. These teachers have varying experience from new teachers to very experienced teachers and with all courses from ones on Groupon up to DELTAs and Masters.
Everyone has commented how useful it has been and I am so glad that the feedback has been unbelievably possitive.
More infomation here

Help Needed
In a way I feel that I have achieved my mission in that a lot of people have been helped and advised already and the group is doing well but I do hope this can continue.
Firstly reaching those who are looking and getting the world out but also getting more willing teachers involved. The more teaches involved the more succesful it will become.
I wrote this open letter to all TEFL/ESL teachers asking for some help – Link

In Conclusion
If you feel this something worth while and want to help please share any of these links (including this one) with anyone who might be interested. Or join the group and see what I am talking about for yourself.

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