An Index of TEFL Blog Posts I’ve Written

Summary – This is just basically an index of all of my blogs posts which I have written about TEFL and teaching English abroad to help other fellow teachers. Plus with a small explanation of how I came about doing all of this.


Introduction – When I started looking into TEFL back in 2011 (so 5 years ago now) there wasn’t much information about courses and it all just seemed confusing as there were so many courses and all varying in prices, length and content.
I have been mislead and have done 2 courses as a consequence. I thought now it would be better seeing how more teachers blog but it doesn’t seem to help. I found this when 2 friends in 2 seperate years were looking but couldn’t afford my course and I decided to help them research.
The issue seems to be that most companies are giving information which is more for their benefit than the person who is reading. Not all of it is true too. While ESL teachers prefer to talk about their career than help those getting into the industry.
…So now I have been trying to help as many prospective teachers as I can.

These the blog posts I have done over the years:

Looking into TEFL and have no idea where to start This is all the information about the Facebook group I have set up. I really hope that it will help as many people as possible.
(Direct link at the bottom of this page)

My Top 10 Tips For Prospective TEFL Teachers – These are general things from choosing the best course for you up to selling yourself and C.V. when applying for jobs.

A Quick Guide to TEFL Course – There are so many courses and all varying in length, content and price. So I have tried to explain the differences between the types of courses.

8 Lies That TEFL Providers Tell To Get Money – Looking at websites of companies who sell TEFL courses, they seem to sometimes twist the truth and exaggerate a few things to persuade people to enrol in their courses. Thus people don’t get what they expected at the end. So this is just help understand what is going on.

How to TEFL Without A TEFL (/CELTA) – I know not everyone can afford a TEFL course or at least the one they need for what they want so it is a way or still working in the profession even if not exactly the same way. Plus if it could give a few ideas if you are trying to add some experience to your C.V.

Typical Day As an ESL Teachers – Teaching in a priviate language school in Europe is a bit different teaching in a public/state school in Asia so this is my normal day is anyone is interested.

A List of TEFL Job Websites – I think most people rely on a couple of websites and sometimes rely on Facebook. However over the years I have built up a very long list of websites that I have used to get the most access to jobs advertised online. It seemed stupid to keep it to myself, so I have posted it here for everyone’s use.
[Please note – It might need updating. It has been a while]

5 Reasons You Can’t Find A Job – If you have a TEFL/TESOL qualification and looking for jobs but for some reason you can’t get a job. This is a list of 5 reasons why this may be and a couple of possible suggestions to solve these problems based on experience.

Already a TEFL/ESL teacher: Tell your story – I wrote this as an open later for all teachers teaching abroad at the moment or have taught abroad. It would be great if you could read this and share your stories.

Facebook Group – Last week (Tuesday 12th April 2016) I sent up a Facebook page to help those who are looking into TEFL and teaching abroad but finding it hard to the information you need. Please feel free to join. I know to begin with it will take a while to get going. However I hope in the future it will become the best way to get free and impartial advice from those who have actually been through it themselves.

One Last Thing:
Most of these are linked up and if you have any questions you will find my e-mail address at the bottom of every post.
I am sorry if you find any mistakes, please let me know me know if you do. I am rubbish at proof reading my own work. Plus I am sorry that as I am British I have used British English and done everything in Pound sterling (I have tried to add a rough amount in US dollars too if that helps). I hope it doesn’t make anything confusing in any way.

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