Want to do TEFL and don’t know where to start?

Summary – A lot of information for those trying to get into the profession of teaching English as a foreign language seems to be confusing and there is no real way of speaking to those in the profession to help to begin with.
So I have set up a Facebook group to ask questions and for teachers to share their experiences.
Also let me explain here the main reason for why these issues arise in the first place.


The Current Issue With The TEFL World
I have discovered recently when helping a friend who wanted to also get into TEFL that there is so little information to help new teachers. Plus what there is generally written by TEFL organisations of some kind. Although much is true, there are also several where the information given is more for the benefit of the writer than the reader. Consequently, it means those trying to get into TEFL encounter contradicting advice.
The other thing which is an issue is that there is not much which comes from the horse’s mouth (i.e. from those who have actually been through this themselves). There are testimonials on the websites of most course providers but no way of asking them questions personally. Which is why most people seem to ask family and friends who have done a course before, who might not have much experience themselves.

My Attempt to Help This
Realising this I have tried to help by helping as many teachers as I can by the use of Twitter, Facebook and writing TEFL related Blog Posts.
When I suggested the idea of a Facebook specifically for prospective TEFL teachers where current TEFL/ESL teachers can help and advise the new teachers. The idea received really positive feedback from everyone.

The Facebook Group Currently
(last updated – Thursday 21st April 2016)

I set up this around a week a ago [on Tuesday 12th April 2016]. So at the moment there are only just over 100 members but doesn’t seem too bad for a new group and we are currently averaging around one new member every hour and a half so I am sure it will still continue to grow.
There are a lot of posts already and the teachers involved have experience in countries all around the world. All are very willing to help. We also have a few TEFL course tutors to help out too. It has only been a week but already seems quite successful.
It has also been interesting that TEFL companies find it useful. Many have shared the link and some have used it to ask feedback on new ideas they have.
Note – It is only a closed group because to prevent spammers and so your posts/comments won’t appear on your timeline. All current ESL/TEFL teachers and those considering the profession are very welcome!


What to Post and What Not to Post
This group was set up to help new teachers and not for other purposes. So please note:
Please Post:
– Questions
– Your stories and experiences from the TEFL world
– Blog posts/websites that might be helpful (of course they can be your own)
Please Don’t Post
– Lots of job ads (The odd one is fine if you know where someone might be interested in but not streams of them. There are plenty of other groups for this)
– Advertise courses (If it is a course you have done, recommend it and talk about your experiences that is fine)
– Post and share resources (If you have resources for trainees/new teachers might find useful of course that is fine but don’t add lots of general teaching resources there are plenty of places for this else where)
Please if you are a new teacher please ask your question. At the moment questions are being answered on average within 5 mins or so.

[Any problems please e-mail me at sportycarlyb@hotmail.com]

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