Cycling at Cascais (Saturday 14th March 2015)

Introduction – Myself, my friend Amanda and a collegue Keiran went to Cascais and rented some bikes for the afternoon. We followed the coast road on a cycle path up towards Cabo de Rocha (the most western point in Europe), but we got no where near that point. We stopped a few times and finished at a little beach before turning back.
[Please Note – This is more a personal diary for myself than anything else]

Getting to Cascais
I met Keiran on the metro on the way to Cais do Sodré and bought a few snacks for the trip in Pingo Doce at the train station. We just missed the train and ended up leaving at midday. Amanda didn’t hear her phone go off and we ended up waiting for her at Algés as she got on the next train.

The Bike Shop
In Cascais we took a while to find a cheap, normal pastelaria for bifana and juice. We were on the way to the bike rental shop. I had looked up a few online, the one we went to in the end was actually right next to it and was cheaper than the one I was looking at. This was only €5 per person for until they closed at 6pm. We chose it because we saw someone advertising just outside the train station and got chatting to the guy there.
They were very friendly and very trusting as we didn’t actually pay until we came back, let alone give a deposit.
Lunch together at the pastelaria

Cycling Out of Cascais
We left the town through the streets. It was strange to be cycling on the wrong side of the road again. It reminded me of being in Holland again. I am glad we got helmets (as that is not that common here).
Amanda on the outskirts of the town
The first little viewpoint we stopped at
Helmet selfie

Boca do Inferno
One of the places we stopped at was ‘Boca do Inferno’ (“mouth of hell”) which was a small cove which apparently at high tide is impressive with the waves smashing into the cliff. It is suppose to be like hell, hint for the name. However, when we were there the tide was low and not quite the same.
‘Boca do Inferno’ …definitely at low tide
The sign to explain (sorry it’s in Portuguese. I understood enough)
The view across the area there
Me at the view at Boca do Inferno
The view a down the coast line

Cycling along the coast
We didn’t have too long… well, 4 hours but in honesty that seemed to fly by. We cycled along the coastal road which had a nice cycle path, even if it was not always clear which side was for who as it kept changing. We were heading for the next town which we never made.
We actually reached the end of the cycle path and cars kept beeping at us when we were on the road, so we took that as a sign that we should stop. The weather was perfect and quite warm… well until the last bit where the icy wind made it bitterly cold.
The cycle path we followed the whole way… well, until it just suddenly stopped
Amanda taking photos and Keiran just catching up with us – He had issues with his gears so was a tad behind us
Another place we stopped at on the way

The Beach
Where the cycle path had finished was a small little beach. It was in a pretty little cove. We chained the bikes up and walked down the steps to the beach. As the beach was in a little cove it was very sheltered and quite warm. We did paddle in the sea, and oh my god it was freezing! I mean so cold that when you weren’t moving it actually made your feet ache. We only stayed for about 20 minutes before needing to head back.
Amanda doing a great job of chaining up the bikes – they didn’t even fall over like the others
The beach we stopped at
Me with our bikes and beach in the background
Amanda’s handstand on the beach
Me in the painfully cold water
Beach selfie
Sunbathing on the rocks

The Journey Back
The trip back was so fast! I don’t know how we did it so quickly, yet at the time it didn’t feel any different. It probably was that getting there we were heading into the wind and this time we had the wind behind us.
Just about to head back
More photos of Amanda taking photos – I seem to have a lot of these

The Harbour and the Nao
When we were back in Cascais Amanda suggested we took a sligh detour via the harbour and go a different route back. In the harbour area appeared to be an old ship. A Spanish guy was handing out information leaflets about it and was very helpful.
It was a replicar of one the Spanish ships called the Nao, which was part of the explorations many years ago. As it was only €2 each Kerian and I went on it. Even in the harbour I am sure it could make people sea sick, so god knows what it was like out at sea. It was very interesting. They actually had recently sailed it around the world. It was tiny and I still can’t believe that as the hull was for cargo all the men slept on this tiny deck while the waves lapped onto the boat.
Across the harbour, with Cascais and its beach in the background
Closer photo of the Nao
On the ship with Kerian
Another photo from on the boat

Home James!
We cycled back to the shop and made it just in time before they closed. It was more difficult this time as there was so much traffic and really didn’t seem designed for bikes as well as traffic. I of course led as it seemed only I could remember how to get there.
We went back to the same pastelaria as the one we were at for lunch, just for a snack and drink. After a quick walk through the town as Kerian hadn’t been before we got the train back to Lisbon. Like Keiran and I often do we passed the time doing a crossword together.
I didn’t feel tired at the time. It was only when I sat down at home I felt absolutely exausted!

More photos from the day here

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