INTRODUCTION – I realised how much I have changed since beginning of University and how before I used to be sports obsessed and took over my life, but now I have completely different interests such as travelling and TV shows. This is a post I wrote on Sunday 20th October reflecting on this and explaining this blog – Link 

I also like diaries as they are great to look back on in the future, also it is a good format to share my experiences with family and friends who are interested. This is, however, just as much for me to look back on in the future as it is for anyone to read. I try to put it in subsections with as many photos as I can, with links to my Photobucket for more photos from that sections. There are various different sections:

[I know this is not entirely up to date at the moment, but I will work on it]


Living in Lisbon

A Catch Up – My first 4 weeks living in Portugal [Link]



Italy (Saturday 4th to Monday 13th may 2013) – Link


England-Portugal Exchange (Friday 17th August to Friday 7th September 2012) – Link

Includes: 10 days in England visiting London, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Bedford and Cambridge. Plus 12 days in Lisbon visiting attractions and areas in and around Lisbon such as; the Cathedral, Castle, the National Pantheon, going on the tram, the National Park, Sexial, Belem, Sintra, the beach, etc.

Stockholm (Wednesday 30th May to Thursday 7th May 2012) – Link

Includes: 10 days visiting places in Stockholm and around, like the theme park, the zoo, Ikea, a ‘cruise to no where’, The Natural History Museum, etc.

TV Shows

Review link Including ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ (auditions and live shows), ‘The X Factor’ (auditions), ‘Lemonaid’, ‘Celebrity Juice’.

Other random days out:

‘Weymouth & Portland’ (a Father Daughter Day out in Dorset)’ [Saturday 26th May 2012] – The idea was to go looking for the Otters as we had yet to see then. We didn’t see them in the end, but we had a nice day in Dorset. link


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