Italy – Review (Saturday 4th May to Monday 13th May 2013)

Introduction: This was a family holiday to Umbria and parts of Tuscany. This was the first time we had spent time as a family since Christmas. We spent the first 7 days just outside Assisi, and the final 2 days in a National Park. The majority of the trip was visiting small towns, with their windy streets, churches and bad sign posting. We actually did a couple of towns each day. As for the last 2 days it seemed to have been literally spent in the clouds and we went on several walks; although obviously more Dad’s thing that ours.

[Each day has its own post and as always for this blog is written in the form of a diary. I must state that although this was as a family, this is my own person record and parts not all the family were there, and in places their opinions may vary to mine. Each is split into subheadings from through out the day (with the exception of Day 1, which I am not sure where my photos went). I have selected a few photos for each subsections but more available at the bottom of the sections by the way of a link to my Photobucket account.]

Day 1 (Saturday 4th May 2013) – ‘Arriving in Italy’    link

[Getting lost on the way from Rome to Assisi, followed by a welcome meeting and the longest dinner ever in the evening]

Day 2 (Sunday 5th May 2013) – ‘The Lake and Castiglione del Lago’  link

[It was a wet day, but we visited a lake and then the local town, including a few churches and the castle]

Day 3 (Monday 6th May 2013) – ‘Arrezo and Cortona’   link 

[We did Arezzo in the morning, although just a park, pizza, ice-creams, views, etc. Then to Cortona, which we loved even if was not one of the main places we were looking into going. It was very hilly, but had some nice views and nice streets]

Day 4 (Tuesday 7th May 2013) –

Day 5 (Wednesday 8th may 2013) –

Day 6 (Thursday 9th May 2013) –

Day 7 (Friday 10th May 2013) –

Day 8 (Saturday 11th May 2013) –

Day 9 (Sunday 12th May 2013) –

Day 10 (Monday 13th May 2013) –

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