Italy: Day 1 – Arriving in Italy (Saturday 4th May 2013)

Summary – In honesty not too much happened on this day, it was just a day of travelling. We finally found our hotel just outside Assisi, and also finally finding a supermarket in the nearby town. In the evening there was a welcome meeting not too long after we arrived, and we went for dinner, although it appeared to be such a disorganised restaurant, and took over 2 hours to get through one meal! 

Getting to Assisi

Getting to the Airport

I got up at 4:15am. After some last minute packing, breakfast, we left around 5am. The drive to Gatwick was easy, so was the dropping off the car in the carpark. We made the bus just in time, and despite getting a little confused by if we were at the North or South terminal we worked out that door to door it was only 2hrs.
Arriving in Italy
The airport was nice and easy too; especially as EasyJet check-in was only online now. The only slow part really was security because I didn’t bother checking my bags before we left and I had things like scissors, make-up, in there that I completely forgot about lol.
When we got there we met Tom after collecting the bags.

Collecting the Car
This was quite difficult. We finally found the car hire company and took a while to work where the office was for it. Even when we got the car, Dad couldn’t find the handbrake and found the completely confusing. the guy had to come over and show him how and even then it appeared to be a struggle.

Finding Assisi
The confusion was not over yet and getting to Assisi was confusing. The first challenge was that the airport wasn’t on the map. It turned out that the map was made in 1989! After few wrong turns and a few maps around roundabouts we get to Assisi, even if it did take hours to do so! We actually arrived in Assisi and promptly left, as there seemed to be no supermarkets here, so had to go to the neighbouring town for a supermarket. Even that was confusing with signs for Spar disappearing after not too long. We eventually found a different supermarket.

The Hotel
Finding the reception was meant to be difficult (according to reviews)  but we found it easily enough. Same for finding the hotel itself as its a couple of kilometers outside of Assisi. However Mum and Dad used Google Maps before and traced the route using Google Earth.

The main front room, which was a bit of a squeeze and why we rearranged the furniture [Taken on the day we left]

2013-05-11 09.52.23


The bathroom, please mind the towels and mess. The shower wouldn’t fit in the photo [Taken on the day we left]


2013-05-11 09.52.02

Mum & Dad’s room, with the 2 identical photos, again, wouldn’t all fit in [Taken on the day we left]

2013-05-11 09.51.36

The View Across the Veranda [Taken the day we left]

2013-05-11 09.52.52

[Will put more photos taken on that last day on the last day, (i.e. Day 8) which is when I took them]

Welcome Meeting
After settling in we attended a introduction meeting at the hotel. It took a while as it was all done in Italian and then in English, but we really went for the food and wine as they put on buffet afterwards.

After being recommended by our Rep called Mark we went looking for a restaurant he suggested, which was connected to the hotel. We actually went past but it looked like just a B&B but think it was before 8pm and not open yet as they eat later in Italy compared to us.
It was the longest dinner ever! We only had one course and took over 2 hours. We originally were planning to have desert but didn’t want to be there until midnight! Didn’t help that the sides arrived long after the main course and the salad just tasted of salt! I did get try a bit of Italian though by asking for the bill.

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