The England – Portugal Exchange – Review (Friday 17th August 2012 to Friday 7th September 2012)



Laura (who I actually know from Twitter), decided to make our own little cultural exchange. She lives in Lisbon, Portugal and I live in Southampton, England. Thus she flew over to England I tried to show her as much as I could of my country within 10 days, and then we both flew back to Lisbon together and she tried to show me as much of her country as she could in 12 days. This therefore was a total of 22 days! It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back!



Day 1 [Day 1] –’Luton to Southampton’ (collecting Laura from Luton Airport, getting home, then spending the evening in a pub and visiting Martin, plus fish and chips) link

Day 2 [Day 2] – ‘Southampton and Romsey’ (the day in Southampton, then the late afternoon and evening in Romsey and the New Forrest) link

Day 3 [Day 3] – ‘Bedford’ (drove from Southampton to Bedford and spent the rest of the day in Bedford) link

Day 4 [Day 4] – ‘Cambridge’ (a day in Cambridge, including punting, I believe Laura’s favourite day) link

Day 5 [Day 5] – ‘Winchester and the Titanic Museum’ (a day in Winchester, although we went to the Titanic Museum on the way to the train station) link

Day 6 [Day 6] – ‘Portsmouth Habour’ (the Spinnekar Tower, Gunwalf Quays and getting Laura addicted to 2p machines) link

Day 7 [Day 7] – ‘Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and a Sports Pub in Kennsington’ (arriving in London, meeting Nona there and doing a little bit of London including our normal pub) link

Day 8 [Day 8] – ‘Embankment, Westminster, Oxford Street/ Regent Street’ (as our first full day we did the most stereotypical parts and some shopping) link

Day 9 [Day 9] – ‘The No9 Bus, Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, The National Gallery, Piccadilly Circus, ‘M&M World, and an evening with Val’ (we did quite a lot, and met our mutual friend Val in the evening) link

Day 10 [Day 10] – ‘Harrods, St Pauls, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, etc’ (we tried to visit as many places as possible during our last day in London, before going to St Pancras and on to Luton Airport) link


Day 1 [Day 11] – ‘Arriving in Lisbon and the river at Sexial’ (the day we flew from Luton to Lisbon and stayed close as we were very tired) link

Day 2 [Day 12] – ‘Walking Tour in Lisbon’ (my first day in Lisbon, so a tour by Laura’s Mum) link

Day 3 [Day 13] – ‘Sexial and Cork Factory’ (exploring Laura’s home town and visiting the Cork factory, which I thought was interesting) link

Day 4 [Day 14] – ‘The Castle, Cathedral and National Pantheon’ (some of the biggest attractions in Lisbon) link

Day 5 [Day 15] – ‘The Old Shipyard and Eco-Museum in Sexial’ (a few small museums we visited in Laura’s home town) link

Day 6 [Day 16] – ‘Belem’ (just west of Lisbon with a Monastery, monument, etc) link

Day 7 [Day 17] –  ‘Up the Hill’ (visiting the National Park Serra de Arrabida, just south of Lisbon) link

Day 8 [Day 18] –

Day 9 [Day 19] –

Day 10 [Day 20] –

Day 11 [Day 21] –

Day 12 [Day 22] –

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