A Different Side to Portugal – Lisbon Day 1: Arriving in Lisbon and the river at Sexial (Monday 27th August 2012)


Introduction: This was a quiet day after being up all night for our flight and were shattered. We got the underground from the airport to the ferry terminal, calling by a shop to pick up some lunch on the way. Then a ferry to Seixal and a lift from Laura’s Mum to the house. In the afternoon we walked by the river back to the house. Later we went to the local shopping centre, before falling asleep on the sofa.


Flying to Lisbon

Laura preferred me to go through security first as although she speaks English very well she would be more confident if I dealt with any issues if there were any. We sat in the main waiting area for a couple hours until 7am when finally our gate number was called. There was no sitting down there as everyone was queuing to get on the plane already. They were asking people to put their hand luggage in the hold, it would be free (unlike usual) but we wanted to go straight from the plane with no waiting afterwards.

We stupidly sat at the wings which as it was an escape route we couldn’t have our bags with us. We slept through most of the flight as we were so tired.

Us waiting for our gate to be called at about 6:30am

To the Ferry Terminal

We arrived in Lisbon Airport. We had no bags to collect and only had to go through passport control. We thought we were saving time by going through the electronic passport control but one wasn’t working which we were unaware of and cost us some time. From here we went straight to the underground. That is the great thing about being with a native we knew exactly where to go instead of spending ages finding everything out. We got the equivalent of an Oyster Card and then the underground. This took us to the ferry port, called Cais do Sodré. We got some lunch from a shop on the way as we were hungry and ate it in the ferry terminal as we waited for the ferry to arrive.

At the Ferry Terminal (Cais do Sodré)  in Lisbon

A better photo of us waiting for the Ferry

The Ferry to Seixal

We then got the ferry from the terminal in Lisbon and across the river to the Seixal. We were going to walk and maybe get a bus we were undecided, however when we arrived Laura’s Mum came and picked us up from the ferry and gave us a lift home.

Us on the boat

Inside the boat 

View from the boat back to the terminal

A view from the boat (admittedly on a different day as the first day they didn’t come out well) 

View from the boat looking back to Lisbon (again from a different day)

Arriving in Seixal (still from a different day)

More photos from the boat (still from a different day but the journey is 100% the same) here  

The River and the Local Shopping Centre

When we got back, I had a quick tour and kind of settled in Laura’s Mum dropped us off by the river by Seixal and we walked down past the river and back home again. While there I made a call to just say I had arrived safely. We also stopped at the cafe which Laura worked at over the summer for some coffee. And way back towards the house we went past a wall which is covered in graffiti although this graffiti is deliberate as they hold a competition here each year. This wall was actually very long, perhaps close to 50m(ish).

When she got back Laura’s Mum took us to the shopping centre. I needed some more socks and also wanted to ask about a new Portuguese SIM card to save me some money while there, although with no success.

When home we watched some TV but just fell asleep straight away. Then was just dinner which as always Laura acted as translator for everyone.

Me and Laura by the river in Seixal

View across the river from Seixal 

The view from Sexial across the river towards Lisbon

The Graffiti Competition wall on the way back home

Another view showing the full length of this wall

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