Show-casing England: Day 7 – London [Day 1]: Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and a Sports Pub in Kensington (Thursday 23rd August 2012)


Introduction: We finally left Southampton and not planning to return. This was our first day in London (out of 4). We met Nona there and after checking into the hotel and having lunch we went to Covent Garden for a while for coffee and shopping. We didn’t know what to do so we headed to Trafalgar Square and after after visiting Starbucks like usual we resorted to Nona and I’s normal Sports Bar in Kensington.


Getting ready to leave for London

We had to get up early this time to pack and get ready. We weren’t returning to Southampton again, as we were going to London for 4 days and then going to Lisbon straight from there. Mum, Dad and Tom left the house at 7:30, which gave us time to sort ourselves out, including printing off our boarding passes and having breakfast. We walked directly to the train station. We were going to get a bus but as there was no buses for ages thus we decided to walk it instead. As we were only going with hand luggage it wasn’t too bad.

The photo Laura took of my house when we left

Us on the train to London Waterloo

Arriving in London

We got the 12:00 London Waterloo train and arrived in London at 1:20pm. That would have been perfect time to meet Nona as we timed it so we all arrived at the same time… however she got a bus half an hour earlier and thus came to us in Waterloo, rather than meeting half way. To save the issues which Nona and I had on previous occasions we agreed to meet at the same Starbucks which we met at before. We were all very hungry and I looked around Waterloo, both inside and outside for somewhere to eat. I couldn’t find anything so the new solution was to go straight to the hotel and look for something on the way.

Checking into the hotel

We got the underground straight to the hotel. It didn’t take us too long to find it as it wasn’t too far from Earls Court underground station. We saw a KFC on the way which made us even more hungry but decided that we needed to drop off our bags first. When we got to the hotel we had to pay, of course being me I didn’t have enough cash on me, so I had to run down to Sainsbury’s on the way. We settled down for a bit in the hotel working out who was sleeping where and where to go. We decided we would have to do something which we could be there not too long and was fairly close by. We settled on the idea of going to Covent Garden to begin with and decide from there.

Covent Garden

After going to KFC opposite Earls Court underground train station and getting my travel insurance for Lisbon at the Post Office, we got the underground to Covent Garden. We walked around and downstairs inside Covent Garden we had a cup of coffee. We heard a lot of singing and clapping. There was clearly a group busking outside, suddenly the sound was moving and they were singing and playing instruments right past the cafe door. When we had finished our coffee and ‘mini muffin’ we stayed and watched outside for a while. There were a few more acts around too. One of which was a guy with a sword doing scary trips balanced on a ladder, etc. We (especially Laura) found this a little disturbing so we left quite promptly. Laura said she wanted a phone case for her Blackberry. There were some touristy shops in Covent Garden so we went into one the biggest ones which was more like a market area than a shop. We found phone cases for practically every phone case… but not the one Laura wanted! We also found in the same place lots of flags from around, Nona and Laura went looking for the Swedish and Portuguese respectively and were annoyed they couldn’t find them. Just as we were almost giving up they spotted them and they were actually right next to each other! As we were leaving Nona spotted a guy selling Dr Who stuff which involved her stopping there for ages.

From outside the main part of Convent Garden

The musicians outside the cafe we were in

The scary guy with the sword

The market area we went to in search for Laura’s phone case

Laura and Nona with their flags

Trafalgar Square and Kensington

We didn’t know what to do so we walked towards Trafalgar Square, walking past places like the Savoy Hotel on the way. We got to Trafalgar Square and still don’t know what to do, we walked back to Starbucks as we had seen we had walked past one and started with that. In the end we decided to go to the same place Nona and I always resort to, which is a Sports Bar in Kensington. We again couldn’t remember exactly which station it was next to (which is the same problem we had last time we were there, you would have thought we would have learnt from that). We guessed right though and a few pints while there, we also were a little hungry so got some chips. Real Madrid were playing and watched a little of the game, although not too much because we played pool again instead. We did finally go back to the hotel and being us didn’t get to bed until 1am as we stayed up chatting and generally laughing at each other.

Walking towards Trafalgar Square

Walking past the Savoy 


Trafalgar Square

Us in Starbucks

Laura and Nona playing pool in the Sports Bar

More photos from throughout this day here

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