Stockholm – Review (Wednesday 30th May to Thursday 7th June 2012)


My Swedish friend Nona (who I know from Twitter) visits London a lot and that is usually where we meet. So this time I flew with her to Stockholm and she spent the next 9 days showing me Stockholm, as well as introducing me to some Swedish traditions, food, etc. I also go to meet some of her friends, who seemed to speak better English than me.


Day 1 – [Wednesday 30th May 2012] ‘Arriving’ (Arriving in Stockholm and going food shopping on a moped) link

Day 2 & 3 [Thursday 31st May & Friday 31st June 2012] – ‘The Cruise to No Where!’ (Nona took me on a cruise to Finland… although it was more a party boat and you couldn’t actually get off!) link

Day 4 – [Saturday 2nd June 2012] ‘Ikea and the Doctors’ (Nona’s foot had swelled up so we went to the doctors, followed by shopping i Ikea link

Day 5  [Sunday 3rd June 2012] –‘A Day at the Museum’   (we visited Stockholm’s Natural History Museum) link


Day 6 [Monday 4th June 2012] – ‘Grona Lund‘ (a day at the theme park in Stockholm, we had to get a little ferry to it) link

Day 7 –

Day 8 –

Day 9 –


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