Weymouth & Portland (Father Daughter Day Out in Dorset) – Saturday 26th May 2012

Introduction: This is just a random day out with my Dad, we hadn’t spend much time together for a while. Also Dad was suppose to painting the living room, but with such great weather predicted it seemed like a waste to spend all day indoors (it’s not like this painting has waited several years anyway!). This was in my favourite part of the country too, which is the county next door to me, Dorset. We first were looking for Otters but spent the next of the day at the beach and bird observatory in Weymouth and Portland.

I got up at 6am. Well actually I woke up at 5:59am and I couldn’t sleep. I was staying at Becky’s as we had been out the night before. I walked to the bowls club and met Dad at the carpark just before 7am. The plan was to try and see the Otters. Dad had been a few times before and not seen them. We hoped to get there before 8:30am so that we might beat the dog walkers.

Attempt to see Otters:
We got there around 8am and headed around an area one of the families of Otters had been seen. We stayed there for about 10 mins and after seeing nothing we walked further down the river. Unforunately we didn’t see any, someone had seen them a similar time on a previous day but nothing this time. We didn’t quite beat the dog walkers either and there was loads out already. Although Blandford was really nice and typically Dorset countryside.

The river (from the car park side)

The river (from the other side of the bridge)

Further down the river

The ‘Obs’ and dad’s spending:
After we left the Otters place in Blandford we headed for Weymouth. First to the Bill to see if any birds had been seen in Portland. There were quite a lot of people there this day, there was also a guy selling binoculars, telescopes, etc. Of course Dad ended up buying himself a new pair of bins and also a replacement for Mum’s rubbish ones… well there goes the cheap trip. Also helped further by a visit to the bookshop. I still think the bookshop looks like a larger version of our living room. Well I thought it was funny and kept pointing out all the books Dad has already. Reminded me how many he has! To add to it he bought 3 more books. My only purchase was some nice postcards of Dorset for the people I send stuff to.

At the bookshop

Dad in his element and loving it… apparently planning his next holiday lol

This book made us laugh, couldn’t work out how someone could write a whole book on Dandelions

‘The Bill’ and ‘Lobster Pot’:
As it was a nice day we walked down to the big lighthouse in Portland Bill. Dad insisted that it was too early for lunch but being me I persuaded him that it was perfect timing for a mid-morning snack, lol. We stopped by the ‘Lobster Pot’ which seems to have changed a lot over recent years. We had a cup of coffee and a slice of ‘Dorset Apple Cake’ which was basically a massive slice of bread pudding with apples (that is of course if you know what Bread Pudding is). We also visited the little shop where again I bought more postcards (but this time of Portland Bill and more general of Dorset). Dad being Dad also chucked in a massive slab of noughat!
Of course while there Dad insisted on doing a bit of bird watching and we sat on a ridge just by the obbolise to be out of the wind. There was too a race going on and being the nosy people which we were we went to ask about it. It was basically marathon running around Portland Island. Sounder crazy because some were running up to 40 miles on this hot but windy day and also up and down the massive hills and across shingle on Chesil beach!

On a very windy cliff edge (hoping it would be more sheltered here), while Dad was looking for sea birds

The lighthouse at Portland Bill

Coffee and ‘Dorset and Apple Cake’ in a very English style at The Lobster Pot

Weymouth Beach & Putting:
After leaving Portland we headed into Weymouth. We parked in the Radipole carpark. We did call by Radipole but it has changed and although still RSPB it’s more of a cafe now then a nature watching building. After giving up on here we went to the beach. It was busy but not as bad as it could have been. Dad wanted his and Tom’s traditional trip to the pick-and-mix in ToyMaster. After an entire lap of the toy shop it was obviously it was no longer there. Dad was upset by this and we settled on an ice-cream instead. We spent the next hour on the beach watching all the kids and talking about our old family holdays as well as a load of other stuff, including debating how long this massive tower which looks like a Air traffic control tower had been there, seeing how we don’t remember it from before.
When bored of the beach, we headed to greenhill for the putting. It couldn’t have been more than 400m away and yet Dad complained it was a long way! And this is from a man who is happy to walk for miles around the top fields on Portland! I think this was our worst putting session. I was only 4 behind dad with 51, but we usually do a lot better and there was no hole-in-ones apart from Dad’s which on one hole hit the flag lol.

Radipole Lake

Outside at Radipole Lake

Ducks at Radipole Lake

Map of Radipole

In the underpass, can you tell the Olymipcs are soon lol:

Weymouth Beach (looking towards Portland)

Ice-cream on the beach

Us on the  beach

My pink golf ball, to match everything else I had that day

Dad putting

Heading home and KFC: 
We basically hadn’t eatten much all day apart from snacks and were hungry but literally had 5 minutes to get to the car before the parking ran out. So I went and ordered KFC, while Dad went to the car. We drove just out of Weymouth when Dad thought of a carpark next to the Tennis courts. The idea was just to pull over and eat in the car but this carpark turned out to be free with a nice park next to it so we sat on the picnic benches before finally heading back to Southampton.
It was a nice day out and nice to spend time with my members of my family as we are close but we are all so busy and rushing around like lunatics we don’t really get the opportunity.

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