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Stockholm: Day 1 – Arriving (Late Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th May 2012)

Introduction for all of this series of blog posts: I went to stay with Nona for a week in Stockholm. I have known her for a year now online and I have gone to quite a few shows with her before. However this time this was her showing her country and her city. These blog posts are my day to day diary of my 9 days there. I will put in a summary each day plus photos taken by us both throughout the day.

Summary: This was my first day there. We went straight from The X Factor auditions at the O2 to Victoria Coach Station and then a bus to Stansted airport. Our flight was in the early hours of the morning and we didn’t land in Stockholm until about 9am and by the time time we had got money (which was a problem for me) and got a bus to Stockholm central and back to Nona’s flat it was closer to midday. The rest of the day was fairly quiet as we were so tired. We did however go food shopping, to the shooting range and looking for a hoover with the use of Nona’s Moped.

Getting to and at Stansted Airport:

This was probably the longest day we have had. We went straight from The X Factor to Victoria coach station. It took us a little while to find the right stop as although it stated Victoria Coach Station, it wasn’t actually inside the coach station it was actually outside at one of the stops. As we hadn’t eaten since lunch we were staving. We called by Burger King. Nona walked out with just her handbag and Burger King. I stared at her and said “haven’t you forgotten something?”, she completely forgot her main bag. Made me laugh as that is usually me.

At the stop it was a little cold and we had have about an hour wait. Nothing really happened, apart from a few lost Norwegian tourists getting lost, which Nona managed to work out where they were from by the language.

We tried to stay awake on the coach although it was hard and the journey to Stansted was about 45mins. I never have seen an airport so quiet.
We ended up in the cafe with coffee trying to stay awake. Also hoping for a mains socket to charge our phones as mine was definitely close to dying, although it the end they didn’t have any.

Just before we could get through security (about 3am) I got changed in as many layers as possible as my hand luggage would other wise be too big and have to pay another £55 to get it on the plane. Luckily Nona had some room so I wasn’t as sweaty and overheated as I could have been. We also ate all the food we still had. Seeing how we went to the Harvester for lunch and had Burger King there was still quite a bit left still. We had to of course eat Roycey’s sweets… long story and in The X Factor Blog Post.

Cafe at the airport

Us with our laptops and iPods out while having a cup of coffee at the airport


Eating Roycey’s sweet, literally just before going through security. We took this photo so we could tweet Roycey (@officialroycey) it

The flight and arriving in central Stockholm:

We got through security fine with no probelms. We were then just waiting for the plane. I was also suprised we had to walk out to the plane. I did this at Southampton Airport and foreign airports (where they stupidly get you on a bus for less than 50m!) but not for an airport like this. Whatever happened to the tunnels!?
When on the plane I kept laughing at the Safety notice. This is because last time I was on a plane which was with my family to Crete I some how lost my chewing gum on the flight and I joked in one of the pics he had lost his chewing gum too. From then I just couldn’t stop laughing every time I saw it.
When we flew over Sweden I couldn’t believe how green it was. It was just forest after forest. Almost the New Forest… but just never ending. It was similar when getting off the plane. The airport was tiny and just surrounded by tree and greenery. We do have forests in England obviously but no where on this scale or in these locations.

Once at the airport we had to get a bus. This is the great thing about travelling people from that country Nona knew exactly where we needed to go and could ask all the questions we needed to asked in Swedish. She also got me my ticket; and was the start of the whole Nona ordered, I paid thing lol. We literally just got on the bus, I think actually we were the last to get on. Nona was several seats in front of me and I was sat next to this lady and her children on the back seats. It amazes me when children speak several languages. Her children were trilingual, even though they looked no older than 6 and 7 (there was a baby too though). She was French, her husband was Swedish, but they had been living in Yorkshire (England) for a year and even had been going to school there. So the children spoke French, Swedish and English! I chatted to her for most of the journey and very happy to hear “Ai Se Te Eu Pego” on the radio on the way!
The country side was so rural and green still with very traditional Swedish houses, I actually wish I had taken photos on the way now! I didn’t because I thought it rude as it would be over the boy’s head.

Us on the plane

The Safety Notice I was laughing at (it is the one central bottom; took another on the way back too)

[I didn’t take any photos out of the window, although I did on the way back]

Getting from the Bus Station in central Stockholm to Nona’s flat:

When we finally got into Stockholm, the first task was to get me a travelcard. That was harder than expected as my cash card which I swear I had used before wasn’t accepted and although my Debit card was accepted else where but it wasn’t here. I also had to take as much as I could and call my brother later to loan me some money (which he kindly did, only because he is at the same bank so it would be instanteous) as I did have money on my debit card but spend most recently, while my cash card with all my money was accepted no where.
We finally got the ticket, well Nona did and I didn’t get a word she said just smiled and nodded along. The Swedish have this strange thing of not queuing. They do it only like we do out delicitesens; you take a ticket and when your number is called you go up.
It didn’t too take too much longer to get back to Nona’s flat (‘apartment’ in American), only a few changed of trains which I just followed her like a lost puppy dog, laughing and attempting a few Swedish words like ‘Hiss’ which is Lift (‘evelavator’ in American) and ‘Upp’ which is ‘up’ unsuprisingly, although I swear it sounds like a Northerner (in England) saying it lol.

At Nona’s flat it was also my first chance to charge my phone and therefore swap my SIM card my British to my Swedish one 🙂 

Travelling around on Nona’s moped:

It felt so late when we got in, although actually it was only midday. We had to get some food shopping (‘groceries’ in American), and Nona said we were going on her Moped! I swear she was trying to kill me! I actually screamed the whole way to the shop! It did suprise me they could go on cycle paths with certain mopeds. As although it’s an EU thing we should have that too but don’t think that type is available to us.

Shopping was as always for a foreign country was weird. Firstly there was a lot of strange things I hadn’t seen before and more cheese and meats than I had ever seen anywhere else. I love how there are ramps up and down the place, as well as they is a door to the fridge/ freezer section so literally feels like the Antarctic there. They also had these cool things which were stands for baskets but with wheels. We don’t have that. As always I let Nona do all the shopping, the idea was she was introduce me to as many Swedish foods as possible.

We did go a fair distance across Stockholm to the shooting range, as this is something Nona does quite regularly and I had never been to a place like this before. I met Nona’s friend Micke there for the first time, but due to some politics at the club we decided to leave. We went looking for a Hoover in a shop a lot like Tescos. They have a strange system, in that you swipe your membership card and pick up a scanning device. I had seen this before like The Range in England do it but not only scanning to tell you the price. While here in this Swedish shop it also means you get to the self-check out and it saves you scanning them all again 😉

Me and Nona on her moped (although this pic was actually on the last day when leaving the shooting range)

At the shooting range

Micke at the shooting range

Us in a shop (a lot like Tescos) looking for a Hoover

Got a bit snap happy while in this shop 

The scanning devises used in the shop

The rest of the evening:

We actually had an early night as we were absolutely shattered! We watched AI Se5, which something we did practically every night and seeing how we knew each other it did make sense. Nona made up my bed which was basically a sofa, the armchair and something I was using as a foot rest (don’t know the name, lol) all joined together. It was perfectly comfy though and perfect size for me 🙂

Link to Day 2 & 3: ‘The Cruise to No Where’ –

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Yet Another Diary of a Show: The X Factor Auditons (Sunday 27th May to Tuesday 29th May 2012)

Introduction: This will be similar to previous blogs of these audition shows. Again I went with Nona, who I also went to Britain’s Got Talent with and known for exactly a year now from Twitter as we are fans of similar things and thus has a very similar personality so we get on great.

As always it will be seperated with headings for each day. Plus although stil in chronological order I have sub headings for individual subjects so you can read just the bits you like. Sorry too if bits are irrelvent as it’s as much for us to look back on later.  And again I apologise for the length.
We got priority tickets on Monday morning thanks to Zaniab (@xenon20) and afternoon Priority thanks to Paul (@paulcar5). Nona also got general on Tuesday morning and Priority for the afternoon.
Also although went with Nona we did see Kat, Nicki and Cat (from Uni)… although not long as our tickets seperated us.
It was a great few days and think we could have got the best we possibly could have out of it, and definitely the best seats possible.

Again as always on this blog it is very slightly edited from the original as a lot you won’t understand or find interesting.

[There are some photos yet added, as Nona has been unable to upload them yet, but will add them when I can, similarly Nona will add her own personal comments like she usually does (or whoever I go with) does later when she actually has time]

Sunday 27th May

Getting to London:
Nona’s flight was due to land in Stanstead at about 11 and  be in London by 1. In the end she arrived in London a bit earlier and had to wait around as I had only just left home.
We arranged to meet in Waterloo. When I arrive she insisted she was there. She said she was in McDonalds, confusing as there was refubishments and everything had moved! She then said she was in the Underground. When I hear Waterloo I assume the train station. I took forever finding her as the main part of the Underground station I use is one end of the building, while she was in one the other end of the building. I did find her in the end after a lot of phones calls, wondering around and confusion lol.
We decided with all the bags it would be best to go to the hostel first. We were staying in Charlton just by the station. The trip wasn’t to diffcult and we found it very easily.

Lunch, Pub and Soccer Aid:
We desperately needed some lunch at this point so headed back into Central London to Leicester Square. Didn’t come out quite where we expected but found Pizza Hut after a bit of wondering around.
Nona wanted to watch Soccer Aid and so we went looking for a Sports Bar/ Pub which would show it. Can’t believe how difficult that was! In the end we actually gave up and decided to go to the one which was next to where we stayed back in February. This took us a little longer than to expected as I can’t believe it as although we were there several days we couldn’t actually remember where it was! Whoops.
While there we had some thing to eat… again and Nona basically planned my entire trip to Stockholm in a little notepad she bought on the way (actual purpose was also for autographs). We also played pool which was halarious! Not because we were rubbish or anything but because the table was on a slight slope the most strangest things happened and I won one game because I missed with the black but it instead of travelling in a straight line it curved straight into another pocket.
We then headed back and to bed as it would be a busy day the following day.

Us at the Sports bar (sorry for the bad quality)

Nona on her Mac, looking up times for the cruise in Sweden to Finland she wanted us to get

Us playing pool

Monday 28th May 2012:

Getting to the O2:
We were told it was just a 5 minute walk to get to the O2 so we left at 5:30am. We called the shop first and then headed down to the O2. The walk seemed endless. I thought the weather was perfect personally and loving the fresh air, although Nona considered it too humid. When we finally got there it was 6:30. It took us an hour in the end. Although this wasn’t the end of the walking as they also took us all the way around so that we literally did a lap of the O2 first. This too just seemed never ending!

Just arriving at the O2

There were guys at the gate to the queuing area checking tickets. We were confused as we knew from our own accounts that all ‘General’ was promoted to ‘Priority’ and thought seeing how there was 50 people there already we may be too late. Instead they did put Priority in a seperate queue. There was only a big group of Gary Barlow fans and 2 girls ahead of us, so we were about 10th in the queue. There was some filming but just the interviews with some crowd behind. Some of the Gary Barlow fans went to look and said we weren’t missing much.
After around an hour we were given our tickets. We looked at the tickets and when we saw Block A1, Row B 11 & 12, we thought these must be good. It was only when we saw where on the map they were we realised quite how amazing they are!
We were then moved to the general queue. This was because they wanted to do some more filming and wanted the queue to be bigger. The queue slowly got longer for another few hours. They must have been 200 people there by around 9:30. They were originally checking tickets a long way up then letting them through. Then they seem to check tickets but kept them there. We were a little confused. I was also tweeting people to see what time they arrived, where in the queue they were and what seats they were. This is useful if you want to work out the system Applause Store are using (now I know it well for the O2 because of this). A few said they were by the ‘red carpet’. I was confused. I left Nona in the queue and went for a walk. I found the red carpet. Half way in this island of people just arrived was a red carpet and what was clearly the judges barrier! We were so annoyed as this is where wanted to be. However what this did do was allow me and Nona to plan the following day well.

From the first Queue we were in the (The Priority area):

Our ticket 🙂 Note the amazing seat and block number!

Where we got moved to (in the ‘General’ queue) after we got our tickets

The queue at 9:06am [Doors open at 10:30], you can see how they separated us from the rest

The random red carpet and judges barrier! So annoyed about that!

No idea what this was about but sure it will make sense when the shows airs, they did a lot of filming there

The queue taken at 10:05pm – looking between between the general queue (right) and rest of priority (left)

Meeting Dermot and Caroline:
By about 9:30 they started moving us down and packing us in which is a good sign. We were on the corner of the first row queuing against a barrier to the side not where the auditions were. It was so hot. The first hour and half wasn’t too bad but the following hour and a half was so hot, not just because the sun but because how many people there are. Around 10 minutes later there was a lot of cheering. This turned out to be for Dermot O’Leary. We weren’t close enough to be one of the ones chatting to him but only 5m away. I think we might have been able to get a little closer but personally I had met him and wasn’t bothered and every opportunity we got we tried to get Nona’s notepad to him to get his autograph.
We had the most ideal situation and he was signing lots of other stuff. He took her pad of paper and pen with this letter someone wrote for him. He was confused by the letter and didn’t understand he was just reading it then got Nona’s notepad and was just about to write before saying: “wait a sec who Im actually writing this for” which is when Nona shouted “Eli” lol.
We were standing chatting to the O2 staff as there wasn’t much on and we weren’t going to get closer to the interviews with Dermot. They were quite nice and did have some kind of clue what was going on although not much. They also were being horrible telling us how much water they had provided for them and he did say he would get some sun cream for us but don’t think he got the opportunity.
After 10 more minutes or so Nona said something on the lines of “Oh My God”, I looked and just saw 3 girls, 1 with her back to us and the other 2 I didn’t recognised. I was confused and then the one with her back just slightly turned her head and I just said “oh my god it’s Caroline”. Thanks to Nona in the past 6 months I had become a big fan of Caroline Flack (presenter of The Xtra Factor). She walked over to where we were standing and Nona asked for an autograph. She was very sweet. When Nona said she had come from Sweden she asked “really?” and just hugged her. We also got a photo with her before speaking to her for a few minutes and said how much we missed Olly as they made a funny combination. She seemed to like our comments and laughed at several. She then moved on towards the red carpet and interveiw a couple of people on the side we were on.

When Dermot just arrived

Dermot filming interviews:

Dermot signing Nona’s notepad

We did sneak a little closer 😉

When we first saw Caroline at a distance

Caroline signing Nona’s notepad

Us with Caroline 🙂

The random guy from the O2 who we were chatting to for ages

The queue at this point (time – 10:35am)

Judges Arrivals:
The Judgees Arrivals was actually more annoying for us as it was so hot. Due to the stupid positioning of the Judges Barrier we around 50m away and although they sent the Priority queue who arrived after we were moved we were stuck in the heat. We had also finished our drinks and feeling dehydrated. We saw the cars drive past but that is all. It wasn’t until around 11:30 we actually went in!

This was about 20 minutes before judges arrivals and before we were moved down. No idea why it just drove round the Priority queue

This was the queue literally just before judges arrivals (time – 10:49am) and where we were we moved to, they moved us up and closer together. It was too hot really to do this to be honest

They were still doing interviews and we were watching these more, while wondering how long we will still in the heat for seeing how the late arrivals of Priority had gone in already

Getting to our seats:
We first pasted though security. What was taken off you seemed hit or miss. For example according to the rules you weren’t allowed food or drink but some of the 5 or 6 security guards were allowing and some weren’t. They were also removing the lids of the bottles if they let it through. Nona’s theory was because it was to prevent people throwing them. I got mine in fine though as by chucking some wrappers on the top, claimed it was a rubbish bag and he didn’t even check it. Was great too as I still half my lunch with me.
We queued up for the toilets. It was a long queue but seeing how only about 200 people had come in out 5000 had come in it was obvious it would just get worse. Nona went to get drinks, while I went to find the seats. Should have been OK but they do fill seats if you don’t aren’t there after a long time. Even proven later on when Roycey was on stage and said ” what’s the matter guys?… They’ve taken your seats?”… “Oh… Sure they’ll sort this out for you”.
I loved the walk to the seats! We weren’t sure we were even on the right floor and might have taken a while. But it seems you through any door and they direct you. She looked at my ticket and said even said “wow they are greats” and replied “I know” while smiling. I walked straight down to the front row.

Finally headed into the O2! And with actual tickets with seat numbers there was no running like 2 years ago

The view from our amazing seats:
I still can’t believe what seats we got! We were second row in (as the first row was empty, apart from security). And it was basically an aisle and 2 seats from the judges table. We couldn’t have asked for better seats, accept to be in the 2 seats that were between us and the judges (B13 & B14 which we actually managed to get the following day!). We did take pics of our view. The issues with the seats is security was so much stricter and we weren’t allowed to tweet, text, etc during the acts while everyone else could if they liked and the security guard was so strict and scary, also sitting right next to us!

The guy who gave us the amazing seats the following day from the Applause Store was there and someone asked a question (don’t know what) and he got his phone out and pretended to call someone from ‘Back to the Future’ and then Mystic Meg, was absolutely hilarious, could given Roycey a run for his money.

Us at our seats

View of the stage (it felt a lot closer than this looks)

How close we were to the judges (again felt a lot closer than this looks)

The audience when it was still filling

When the audience filled a bit later – different angle, was trying to take a pic of the nice guy from the Applause Store (you can just see his head), who coincidentally helped us the following day

The show itself:
The only act I really remember was someone from a YouTube video that is well known it seems. The song is like “pants on the ground” (if you watched American Idol Season 9) in that it’s annoying but so catchy that you actually like even though you know you shouldn’t lol. There were a few really good singers, and in honesty not many really bad ones, most were just mediocre. The judges did chat too much and one contest in particular just wouldn’t stop talking, it was obvious the audience didn’t like this and got restless quite quickly. A lot of the audience were actually shouting “Off, off, off, off” to the girl who spoke too much, and that was before she even sang and she was pretty good.

Dermot on Stage at the beginning 

[Dermot said he would jump and we had to all take a pic, Nona timed it perfectly! – Need to find it]
The Judges, etc:
The arrivals for the Judges was a bit different and just took forever! They filmed them walk from the dressinging rooms, it actually just got boring and was the least dramatic enterance ever!
I did start to like Gary Barlow more he was a lot more funnier off camera and his facial expressions while acts were on where brilliant lol.
Rita Orla? was the guest judge. Still not sure who she is as she apparently is very recent and I’ve not been watching the charts recently. She was a good judge though and can’t believe she is only 21!
Tulisa was quite harsh in a lot of places but very fair. In my opinion seemed to be the one who knowed the most knowledge and understanding.
Louis was… was just Louis. Basically as he always has been. He may not have the ‘head judge’ mug but he was clearly running the show. Every decision on both days regarding if a contestant came back or if they revoted was down to him.
We were also busy watching Caroline doing her dancing and comments to the acts. It was very funny and sometimes far more entertaining watching her.
What was interesting was that there was the whole thing with Gary being the ‘Head Judge’, which felt like it in a way but only on screen. Whenever a decision had to be made like whether a contestant should come back the decision was made by Louis. And unlike Simom raising his arm to stop the music, the production raise their arm to stop the music, then Gary uses this as a cue and raises his arm, and that’s when the production team actually stop the music.

The weird judges arrivals on the big screen, which took forever!

Judges on the stage

A bit closer, quality not as good as it was taken on my phone rather than Nona’s

[As Nona’s camera on her phone was better, I let her take the photos, but she seems to not have any which I swear she too :S]

Roycey (the warm up guy) is getting a bit repetitive, although I do miss his sound affects he does for the production team walking around. He picked on so many people. Mainly production and security. He did do his usual of following people out who were going to the toilets before the break and embarrasing anyone who was late.
He also was so harsh in places. Like this Iranian girl who didn’t get through and he said “I think the judges are wrong in saying that. A girl who is studying Chemical and Nuclear Engineering and from Iran, I wouldn’t have said no!”. He did also nick everyone’s food and drink and offering sweets to everyone, which gave us a plan for the following day.

Roycey on stage at the beginning 

Attempt to get in the next show:
We had Priority tickets for next show but they wouldn’t get us get tickets then. The Gary Barlow fans asked in the queue and didn’t get anything. At the beggining of the show I saw Josh from Applause Store who I hadn’t from the other shows. I called him over, which he was suprised I knew his name. He suggested we went outside straight after and they will see what they can do.
Straight after the show we did. It was hard work as they kept trying to send us the other way and wouldn’t let us back to start. Finally got there to find it was completely filled already and they were turning people away. We thought we had a better chance as it was so hot didn’t think people would actually want to queue in this and they struggled to compeletely fill Saturday’s and the morning’s show.

Looking for food:
We went back to the hostel to get ready and go to the pub to find that they didn’t do food. The closest pub to us was what seemed to be miles away by walking and there wasn’t too much down the road. So we instead just jumped on a bus to see what we could find. There seemed to be nothing. We seemed to cover most of that area of London not finding anything and all pubs weren’t doing food and there were no restaurants anywhere. After 3 different stops we gave up and just went to the Chippy in Charlton Village.
Want to take Nona to a regular chippy to show her what I meant by a small portion of chips. She thought this was quite a lot; and for anyone know who Chippys this was about half the size (litteraly) of a regular small portion which chippys sell.
We then headed home and walked back to Charlton (after getting a tad lost; my bad) as Nona had no credit on her Oyster Card and the shop was closed.

Tuesday 29th May:

The plan and getting there:
We had 2 plans we had made the night before. As I woke up really early and Nona not too long after that (obviously naturally and not because I was shaking her pillow lol) we decided to leave about 8am. We went to the shop and stocked up on lots and lots of drink after learning from yesterday and got a bus. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get in for the late show but what we were hoping was with our regular tickets we could get in and hopefully get tickets for the next show too so we could chose our tickets, it was hopeful but worth a shot. We explained we had tickets for this show and next but not sure if we could do both (we knew the answer). He said that only if we were here by 3:30 which we knew was impossible as the shows always over run. We even asked if we could stay on as in the queue we could get to the Judges Barrier as we knew where it was this time, only to find that wasn’t happening this time. We then asked if there was anyway we could swap our Priority from afternoon or morning which they said they couldn’t do that.. We even asked if we could just stand in the queue for the judges barrier, explaining exactly where we wanted to be and why and he said they weren’t doing them today. So instead we went back out and sat by the river.

By the River:
To pass the time we sat by the river. It was a lot nicer here. Still sunny but it took the edge off thr hest as there is a nice breeze and a bit shade. Also with some time to spare so I went to the toilets at the train station. While there I went to WHSmith I got some Haribo which we wanted to give to Roycey as he kept nicking everyone else’s sweets. It did make sense too from this to why we had to walk the long way round. I took the short cut, and it’s half the distance however there are road works and a complicated route through little roads, wouldn’t work to get 5000 people to pass through.
While waiting there slowly a few people joined us in waiting. What was strange is that on the ticket for the early show it says 10:30 for 11. Yet at about 11:20 people were still turning up and wondering why they couldn’t get in saying it was unfair, even though they should arrived at least 2hrs ago! One group even turned up at 11:45 and caused a big scene that they weren’t allowed in.

People still trying to get in and others waiting with us (time – 10:03am)

Starting to Queue:

At about 11:30 a queue started to form at the gate. Really was people just standing a bit closer and everyone else just followed to form a proper queue.

As a point of interest of how to treat these shows I thought it was interesting to compare what we did in our fangirling style and people who do this for the first time and just turn up. This was because Kat, Nicki and Cat (some friends from Uni) were there too.
We were here forever. We couldn’t work out why. The other show had been in hours ago and they had even cleaned the whole area. I dissapeared to the toilets just inside, which was suprising that contestents were almost sitting outside themselves. Also on the way out I saw Josh (from Applause Store) and asked how long until we go in and he said now and that is where he was heading. By 12:00 (which is when Kat, Nicki, Cat, etc turned up) the queue was about 50m long and by 12:30 it was over 100m and going around the corner. There were a group of stupid girls who were got there just before 12 and not queued up and were upset they were sent to the back. They argued and a lady from the O2 asked if they could sneak in but they claimed they were closer to the front than they were and nobody was going to let them in saying we were here earlier and it was clear there was a queue when they arrive thus it was their fault.
There was a lot of confusion. They decided to give out tickets with seat numbers but without splitting the queue. Everyone too was claiming they were Priority. This was because everyone with General was emailed to say they had been promoted to Priority. What they meant was it was still General but you are guarenteed to get in if you make it in time. One lots of girls did get away with it because they bought the upgrade email and first time in the morning it was  O2 staff not Applause Store so let them get away with it.

The queue outside the fence, about 50m long (time – 12:07pm)

More confusion with tickets!

The reason they were keeping outside was because it was so hot in the queuing area so they wanted to keep us in the shade by the river. It was made quite confusing of the Priority issue and after giving 2 girls we met earlier who were from France and Spain regular tickets and who had Priority we stepped in and corrected them. They finally decided to seperate the queues. We let a few people ahead of us. It was still confusing and we were still having to explain to people the Priority issue. I actually said that quite loud and the guy from Applause Store came up to me and said “finally someone who understands! Can you explain to everyone else”. I did argue it is too confusing that they should just say on the email they are general but garenteed. I also said what else should be included on the tickets, his responce was asked Josh for an A4 piece of paper to write it down. I did say that yes it might be more writing but it will prevent all the confusion on the day! We even arranged his line for him. We were a tad annoyed that we seemed to be doing as much as the Applause Store people were to organise the chaos butthey got paid and we didn’t.
They moved us inside the queuing area and even said it was only tempory as they didn’t want us in the sun. While we moved we counted more people. The same guy asked what we were doing we said we were here yesterday we knew how the tickets were done and we knew which seats we wanted. He said we were crazy. We made a big point of it and then he came up to asked and what seats we wanted. We said B13 & 14 and he actually came back with them. We asked if he could get the 2 girls from France and Spain the ones we had the day before but they were taken so the best he could do was C10 & 11 for them.

Inside the O2
Once we had the tickets and confused the others from the Applause Store by having tickets already we went inside the dome. On the way I called Cat. The general queue was in the queuing area too. They had only just got there so hadn’t got tickets yet. I did off them some more advice. We then headed inside. It was so cool in there and was nice to be out of the sun. We weren’t sure to go as we didn’t know the place and had no direction. We asked a guy working for the O2 and he directed us this kind of arcade thing. As we were hungry. Although we had had bought lunch The Harvester sounded better. While there I was got chatting to some people who we let go ahead, we discussed the choice of seats and explained where their seats (C4-8) were and they seemed a little offended that we wanted them to go ahead to get better seats than them. We also went to Starbucks as we had nowhere else to go, of course we love Starbucks as we can charge our phones too, probably why we go there so much.
Also while in the Harvester and Starbucks I was running back and forth to update Cat on what was going on. This was because I could see the whole queue from the outside. Felt sorry for them as we were like that the day before and thus knew how it felt, but at least we got to meet Caroline and Dermot which kind of made up for it. After a while of doing this a guy from the O2 came up to me and asked how many times I was planning to do that; I explained and asked a few questions. He actually said he didn’t know, and I thanked him for his honesty and he replied saying they just are there to look good, I joked and said they were doing a good job. He laughed said I was the first to say that and gave me a hug.

Where told us to go but couldn’t as it was the contestants and their family and friends

At Starbucks (it is a tradition for us and we always take a photo for some random reason)

The queue outside at the time, taken from the entrance. Cat, Nicki and Kat were first row of that queue, central but slightly to the left

Trying to get to the main Arena
From here it got a bit confusing. The next time we tried getting back they said come back at 4 and we couldn’t get through. We asked too about the bags and they wouldn’t allow us to leave them anywhere outside. I called Cat again and found out from the guys at the barrier for us and they said it would be 15 minutes as the other show had finished. Around 15 mins later at 4pm we came back and they said we couldn’t pass. Cat, etc were going in and I was advising them how to get food and drink through security. We however couldn’t pass through to security they made us go the long way round!
While we were there we got to see the queue outside. It was actually ridiculous. We could see easily over 100 people and it went around 3 more bends! Thus we calculated over 400 people didn’t even get in at all. They were all complaining that they had ‘Priority’ now and they couldn’t get in. The issue too as always was they were complaining to O2 staff and who don’t know the rules and didn’t know that Priority is only if you get there before 3:30pm, and based on availability. We snuck past most of this and then at the road works we joined the queue, which they made it seem like we were pushing in. There was about 10 of us who were Priority, and the staff let us in when we explained and showed our A-Blocks tickets. When finally in the gate the queue was ridiculous! We joined the back of the Priority queue going in and they skipped half of this queue and I swear saved us a further 30 minutes. We got easily through security with loads of food and 3 full bottles of drinks too. They even put our large bags away. We headed straight to our seats, the people at the doors tried to explain how to find our seats and even said “we know we were there yesterday”. So so glad we got these seats, couldn’t have got any better seats in the entire place!

The Arcade section just inside the O2, I took this while walking around the side hint for being blurry

The start of the queue outside, this was just a third, there was 3 more bends! This is outside the gates so these didn’t even get seats

VIDEO: As we walked through, skipping half of this queue, filmed as too many photos would be needed –

The show itself:

The acts themselves was a lot like the day before and Leona was perhaps a bit too kind my opinion, I was even joking if she would say no to anybody, everything else was pretty much the same. I do remember too thinking that the talent wasn’t as bad as some of the days I had seen at shows like this.

At the break I said to Cat she should come down and see us. She said she couldn’t as it would mean she would probably wet herself, so I went to try to get to them. But they wouldn’t let me up! I was literally grounded to ground floor and stuck there. I said I wanted to get to the toilets as a great excuse but they sent me to some on the ground floor. Did go to the enterance to the toilets which was the closest I could get to them. I also was dancing around next to our seats saying about how I could almost touch the stage, and could almost touch the judges but there was a security guard preventing me, even chatting to him too. Cat even said “you’re loving this aren’t you”. We also got chatting to an American guy from Arizona who is currently studying Fashion Photography in London. He was great and very funny and as always started folloing each other on Twitter and we were both tweeting him later.

VIDEO – This actually happened on both days, Roycey wanted everyone to take a photo of the Judges at the same time to do what Robbie Williams does in the Nikon advert. Didn’t come out quite as well though in my opinion –

Security and people next to us:
Being us we got chatting to everyone including the security lady. The day before she was so strict and we didn’t like her at all, like she wouldn’t let us to get us be on our phones at all during acts. We were well behaved and got to know her well and liked her. She was often joking with us and did her own little dance to an act. And it means we saw someone get kicked out for filming and a few other little things too.
We chatting to the ladies next to us who were nice and took photos for us. Also the lady in front of us. We told her so much about fandom stuff and how we do these shows. She must think we are crazy even asking us questions. Turned out later (and checked it up) that she was Leona Lewis’ Mum. We felt so bad because I had been saying how I didn’t think she wasn’t the best judge and were betting if she would she ever say ‘no’ to everyone. Nona also went on about how much she wanted to meet her. We weren’t the only ones Roycey saw them leave early and chased them out of the door, literally running after her. The security guard actually tried calling and preventing him.

After the show we went straight to the Underground and to Victoria train station as we had a bus to Stockholm to catch and if we went straight away we could get the early bus.

Us on the Underground heading to Victoria

Actually taken at the airport. Roycey didn’t take the sweets as he got distracted and chased Leona Lewis’ Mum instead lol, so we ate them instead


My adventures in Stockholm as a #Pamily visit will continue on 🙂  [As soon as I write the posts up lol]

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Weymouth & Portland (Father Daughter Day Out in Dorset) – Saturday 26th May 2012

Introduction: This is just a random day out with my Dad, we hadn’t spend much time together for a while. Also Dad was suppose to painting the living room, but with such great weather predicted it seemed like a waste to spend all day indoors (it’s not like this painting has waited several years anyway!). This was in my favourite part of the country too, which is the county next door to me, Dorset. We first were looking for Otters but spent the next of the day at the beach and bird observatory in Weymouth and Portland.

I got up at 6am. Well actually I woke up at 5:59am and I couldn’t sleep. I was staying at Becky’s as we had been out the night before. I walked to the bowls club and met Dad at the carpark just before 7am. The plan was to try and see the Otters. Dad had been a few times before and not seen them. We hoped to get there before 8:30am so that we might beat the dog walkers.

Attempt to see Otters:
We got there around 8am and headed around an area one of the families of Otters had been seen. We stayed there for about 10 mins and after seeing nothing we walked further down the river. Unforunately we didn’t see any, someone had seen them a similar time on a previous day but nothing this time. We didn’t quite beat the dog walkers either and there was loads out already. Although Blandford was really nice and typically Dorset countryside.

The river (from the car park side)

The river (from the other side of the bridge)

Further down the river

The ‘Obs’ and dad’s spending:
After we left the Otters place in Blandford we headed for Weymouth. First to the Bill to see if any birds had been seen in Portland. There were quite a lot of people there this day, there was also a guy selling binoculars, telescopes, etc. Of course Dad ended up buying himself a new pair of bins and also a replacement for Mum’s rubbish ones… well there goes the cheap trip. Also helped further by a visit to the bookshop. I still think the bookshop looks like a larger version of our living room. Well I thought it was funny and kept pointing out all the books Dad has already. Reminded me how many he has! To add to it he bought 3 more books. My only purchase was some nice postcards of Dorset for the people I send stuff to.

At the bookshop

Dad in his element and loving it… apparently planning his next holiday lol

This book made us laugh, couldn’t work out how someone could write a whole book on Dandelions

‘The Bill’ and ‘Lobster Pot’:
As it was a nice day we walked down to the big lighthouse in Portland Bill. Dad insisted that it was too early for lunch but being me I persuaded him that it was perfect timing for a mid-morning snack, lol. We stopped by the ‘Lobster Pot’ which seems to have changed a lot over recent years. We had a cup of coffee and a slice of ‘Dorset Apple Cake’ which was basically a massive slice of bread pudding with apples (that is of course if you know what Bread Pudding is). We also visited the little shop where again I bought more postcards (but this time of Portland Bill and more general of Dorset). Dad being Dad also chucked in a massive slab of noughat!
Of course while there Dad insisted on doing a bit of bird watching and we sat on a ridge just by the obbolise to be out of the wind. There was too a race going on and being the nosy people which we were we went to ask about it. It was basically marathon running around Portland Island. Sounder crazy because some were running up to 40 miles on this hot but windy day and also up and down the massive hills and across shingle on Chesil beach!

On a very windy cliff edge (hoping it would be more sheltered here), while Dad was looking for sea birds

The lighthouse at Portland Bill

Coffee and ‘Dorset and Apple Cake’ in a very English style at The Lobster Pot

Weymouth Beach & Putting:
After leaving Portland we headed into Weymouth. We parked in the Radipole carpark. We did call by Radipole but it has changed and although still RSPB it’s more of a cafe now then a nature watching building. After giving up on here we went to the beach. It was busy but not as bad as it could have been. Dad wanted his and Tom’s traditional trip to the pick-and-mix in ToyMaster. After an entire lap of the toy shop it was obviously it was no longer there. Dad was upset by this and we settled on an ice-cream instead. We spent the next hour on the beach watching all the kids and talking about our old family holdays as well as a load of other stuff, including debating how long this massive tower which looks like a Air traffic control tower had been there, seeing how we don’t remember it from before.
When bored of the beach, we headed to greenhill for the putting. It couldn’t have been more than 400m away and yet Dad complained it was a long way! And this is from a man who is happy to walk for miles around the top fields on Portland! I think this was our worst putting session. I was only 4 behind dad with 51, but we usually do a lot better and there was no hole-in-ones apart from Dad’s which on one hole hit the flag lol.

Radipole Lake

Outside at Radipole Lake

Ducks at Radipole Lake

Map of Radipole

In the underpass, can you tell the Olymipcs are soon lol:

Weymouth Beach (looking towards Portland)

Ice-cream on the beach

Us on the  beach

My pink golf ball, to match everything else I had that day

Dad putting

Heading home and KFC: 
We basically hadn’t eatten much all day apart from snacks and were hungry but literally had 5 minutes to get to the car before the parking ran out. So I went and ordered KFC, while Dad went to the car. We drove just out of Weymouth when Dad thought of a carpark next to the Tennis courts. The idea was just to pull over and eat in the car but this carpark turned out to be free with a nice park next to it so we sat on the picnic benches before finally heading back to Southampton.
It was a nice day out and nice to spend time with my members of my family as we are close but we are all so busy and rushing around like lunatics we don’t really get the opportunity.

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An edited blog Diary entry of mine: Britain’s Got Talent Live Semi Finals (Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th May 2012)

[PLEASE NOTE: I’m sorry if this doesn’t flow as well as I had hoped. This is an edited version of a blog post I made on my regular blog. Please do not be offended that you do not have the original, the blog is for a specific audience, thus you will not understand half or be interested in the majority of it. This is for anyone who is interested in how ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ shows run or just want to hear about my great day out.]


This is in a diary form and I hope I can answer most of the questions I have been asked in this and might even help if you want to (and are lucky enough) to go to some of these shows. To make it easier as always it is in subsections, you can read the whole thing or pick and chose the subsections. Some might seem random, but this is as much a diary for me (and Kate) to look back on, as well as telling everyone else what happened.

It generally is in the right order but there are a few bits that may seem to jump around but only because I kept them in the same relevant subject areas and parts did over lap.


We were very lucky to get tickets for the Britain’s Got Talent Live Shows. These are so rare! Perhaps too this is the reason why those who get them assume they are guaranteed a seat. I went with Paul and Penny (who I know from Twitter) who I have often been to shows with like ‘Celebrity Juice’ and ‘Lemonaid’.

The other person I went with was Kate (who I also know from Twitter), and I also went to the Birmingham auditions. We chat all the time and although I’ve only met twice now, we are great friends and feel I have known her forever. Probably because our personally and interests are very similar. Also was great as she lives up in Chester, so it is very rare that I’m able to see her due to the travelling.

As I spent most of the day with Kate she has added her own “Kate adds:…” comments to the bottom of every section, as both her own opinion and in case I missed anything out which she thinks should be mentioned.

Getting there:

The timing of when I arrived was based more on when Kate was arriving. The reason for all of this is that Kate didn’t know London very well as she had not been many times before, especially not on her own. So I went to Euston to meet her and from there get across London to Wembley together… and yes I am half expecting comments regarding this as I have known to get lost in London before.

Kate adds: I thought I’d be in safe hands since Carly knew where she was going but noooo haha

I got up at 6:30am and ordered a taxi at 7:10. My aim was to get the 7:40 train into London with 15 minutes to walk over to Euston station. Unfortunately there were no taxis available and I had to wait another 15 minutes so missed the train. Unlike poor Kate who had to book tickets and trains were far apart, I have trains every 20-30 minutes at all at the same cost. I arrived in the end around 5 minutes after hers and if you saw the shoes I was wearing, the walk to Euston from St Pancras wasn’t the best and I swear was longer than I remembered last time.

Kate adds: Least somebody got a lie in! I was up at 3am and my 3 hour train was at 4:55am L I had 1 hours sleep and it was so drainingggg. Oh I would like to add, before the day even started I was annoyed because I lost my £120 earphones on my first train L I’m sure Carly will make a comment round about now on the earphones!

When I finally found Kate and worked out where in the station she was we headed for the Underground. As so many lines were partially or completely closed, delayed, etc and the service was incredibly limited (probably due to it being a bank holiday). We asked one of the staff at the station. Typically the route he suggested was to change at Kings Cross St Pancras! Yeah that sounds familiar. After getting Kate an Oyster Card and topping up mine we easily got to Kings Cross St Pancras. However this is kind of where we went downhill.

We couldn’t work out what train we had got on as there were no stickers in the window and the Circle, Hammersmith and Metropolitan lines all ran from the same platform. We even asked those on the train already and they came up with different answers. There was an announcement that there was no Metropolitan trains before Baker Street, so it made no difference which line we were on as we would have to change at Baker Street and both the other lines went there anyway. Once we arrived in Baker Street we just followed the signs to the Metropolitan line and lead us straight to a platform. Again no indication which train which was which line, even though multiple lines left from the same platform. After around 15 minutes and no Metropolitan trains had been past, we looked again and it clearly pointed to this platform. At this point we walked further down the platform and noticed what the sign meant was not that it was this platform but you just pass through this one to get to the line! How incredibly confusing is that. From there it was very easy, as we found the right train and there was a westbound train already in the station read to leave.

Kate adds: It was such a nightmare haha people were giving us funny looks!

My amazing packing! [That bag is only about 30cm/ a foot high]:


We called Paul as soon as we got there. For which I apologise for as at this point I was just a tad stressed, lol. It annoys me when we have to wait for someone to pick us up when I could easily walk there myself and save both them the walk and us the wait for the sake of a few simple instructions, but this one I had to let him off on as the car was actually parked behind us and it meant we were able to drop the bags off. I was so impressed with my packing! Unlike Kate I just bought one small bag and some how fitted; 2 dresses, a change of shoes, PJs, a full change of clothes for the next day and a hoodie all in this tiny Hollister bag.

Kate adds: I had one bag just for food and drink… oops. Never mind, I like to be prepared!

We were a little late and Paul and Penny had saved us a space at the front of the queue. They had been there since 6:30am! There was already about 10 people there when we arrived at 9:30am and to explain our queue jumping, Paul explained to security that we were part of their party and were in McDonalds warming up. Sure that wasn’t necessary though as the girls behind were going to do something very similar afterwards.

It was a cold day and typically within an hour it started to rain and stayed like that for most of the day. Which is why we kept disappearing off to McDonalds for coffee, and me and Kate took our time to have lunch in McDonalds for about 20 minutes.

Not much went on for ages, apart from loads of production arriving. As a joke I said “haha, it would be funny if she went inside” as this lady with lots of Primark bags approached us… the crazy thing is she actually did!

Me and Kate hiding under umbrella when it started raining:

I got a tad bored and tired, and Kate’s shoulder was too comfortable:

Arrivals of judges and the acts:

We didn’t actually see many of the acts arrive, although we saw ‘Only Boys Aloud’ and Ashleigh & Pugsey for a few minutes as they came and went for something. Paul and Penny saw more of Pugsey and ‘The Showbears’ than we did as we were in McDonalds at the time and they did pause for while on the way out. We also saw a few like the ‘Showbears’ pass by the fence again already in their gold costumes but only by looking through the tiny gap between the gate and the fence.

There were a lot of crazy fans of ‘The Wanted’. When I say crazy I mean fans who got there from 9am just to see them arrive. They didn’t see anything at all. When The Wanted arrived at about 3pm they opened the gates let their people carrier in and then closed them straight behind. In fact we in the queue got a better view because we could see through the gaps as they walked past, and a few went on each other’s shoulders to see over the fence, unlike those crazy fans on the other side of the road. Some even stayed until 7pm even though it was clearly there was no chance of seeing them.

As regards the judges the same thing happened they closed the gates behind and seemed to go through a different door so we didn’t even see them pass by. The only judge we did kind of see was Amanda and that was just because she arrived on a motorbike.

Simon we heard arrived at about 4:15 but through entirely different gate. We did meet his driver and his car was parked just across the street, just around the corner. We couldn’t work out why, but an hour later it pulled up to the gate and Jackie got in before it drove off. Must admit now I wish I got a photo by it just for the sake of it now.

Kate adds: Erm…. Simon came through the gate right IN FRONT of us

I add again: Whoops, missed that thought it was like the other times I had heard about

Other than that we saw Stephen Mulhurn (who presents ‘Britain’s Got More Talent’) arrived but it literally was a second as he walked past.

We saw Gavhin Jones, who only Kate seemed to really recognise. He looked familiar but seems to be because he was on CBBC several years back, for those who remember those days, plus a few other shows. He was there for a charity project, which a charity bought some children with disabilities to watch the rehearsals.

We also met Roycey (the warm up guy again) and had a photo with him, I think mainly because we were bored and I still love him for asking Simon our question which nobody else understood but embarrassed Simon so much in London.

Simon’s car around the corner (Paul took this, me and Kate were still sitting the queue keeping our place) [As this is a public blog, number plate is blurred out]:

Penny with ‘The Show Bears’; we missed this as we were in McDonalds at the time:

Ashleigh & Pugsey; we saw them walk past but didn’t catch this time, or would have said we knew her cousin Lauren (we know her from Twitter, she often mentions her cousin to us):

Simon’s car pulling up outside the gate to pick up someone [Again as this is a public blog the number plate is cut out]:

Gavhin as we was waiting for the Charity’s minibus to arrive:

Me and Kate with Roycey (i.e. ‘the warm-up guy’):

Getting in and our seats:

At around 6pm The Applause Store (who do the tickets) arrived. They made an announcement and then checked tickets and stamped wrists. This was a little different as this time everybody had to have photo ID to prove the tickets you were using were actually yours. I assume this is because (and you can see this on Twitter) people were illegally selling their tickets. Although rare, the tickets are free and clearly state that they are not allowed to be sold. For this reason, many people who had arrived early in the morning were turned away as they didn’t have sufficient ID. A few used fake ID too, some of which we told them about, and one was brilliant as they made a fake ID and got the name wrong. They really did kick up a lot of a fuss, all of which were girls and looked about 16 to 18.

As there was plenty of time we took this chance to get changed. As it said “dress for the cameras” I actually wore a dress and heels. I wasn’t sure about it as Kate just put a pair of heels on and changed her top, thus looking smart casual than dressy. I couldn’t decide but my mind was made up when Penny said “oh just get dressed!” lol. Consequently I felt over dressed for the rest of the day.

Kate adds: I didn’t want to catch a cold a feel ill for my train back! L I have 3 hospital appointments to go to woman lol!

We were getting worried as we heard the previous day only 50 or so got in from the general queue. The queue by this time was very long! I estimate just 400 people were in the queue now, and there were still people arriving and they were complaining because they were being told that there was no way they were getting in.

We saw 4 get kicked out, I couldn’t work out why and then I found a tweet on Twitter which explained it all: “Arrived at Britain’s Got Talent, the queue was ridiculously long, so snuck in and was kicked out within seconds”. And there were some who thought they could sneak into Priority, obviously that wasn’t going to work!

After all the Priority/ V.I.Ps/ Virgin Media had gone in there was a long wait, and they came out and said how many they had left. Only 31! We were fine obviously, but only 31 of the 400 or so were able to get in. The last people to literally just get in arrived about 3:30pm, they had the worst seats though. The last of those who got at least OK seats arrive before 1:30pm.

They counted us through we got our bags checked by security and joined a queue almost as a holding area. We got chatting to some really nice fans of ‘The Wanted’ and this too was our final chance to use the toilets, as there would be no opportunity during the show.

We slowly got to the front at the door to the main arena. This is where we worked out the reason for the hold up. Unlike auditions and other shows which they just fill from one point and work through, these ones the guy at the door chose your seats. Paul’s idea was to push me and Penny to the front, as we were the 2 kind of dressed up. Me and Kate looked at each other and both were clearly thinking the same thing. We knew how these shows worked and knew being dressed up was only part of it. It seems age plays more of a part; unfair but true.

Kate adds: Took a bit of offence at the dressed up comment 😛

When we got to the front the guy said to us “I’m really sorry guys, but I’m going to have to split you up”, with the lack of seats we assumed it because there were only pairs of seats left. Acting like a little schoolgirl who wanted to be with her best friend I just grabbed Kate’s arm. We let Penny and Paul go first, they were in the centre of the stand. He then came back for us and said with a real cheeky smirk on his face; “I hope you like these seats”. When we saw where were I couldn’t believe it. We were so close to the judges that we almost were sitting on the panel ourselves. Front row, right behind David, but enough that we had a very clear view of the stage!

Kate adds: Very similar to the seats I had for Manchester auditions (front row right behind David)

We looked around and noticed there was plenty of seats in the row behind us but it turned out these front 2 rows were just 16-25 years who were relatively dressed up! Not just pretty blonde girls like the usual rumours but a mixture of guys and girls who were in that age range. We know not all did though because the group of girls behind us in the queue were in the first row of the stands and Zanaib and her brother (who I met in the London audition queue) were just behind them were put at the back, even though the girls behind that were sitting straight behind us.

The length of the queue [taken at 5:10pm]:

The stamp we got after they checked our tickets:


Kate putting on her make-up just after we got changed:

Paul called Kate’s heels high I didn’t agree, so a pic to prove a point (these are the shoes too that I walked from St Pancras to Euston on) [Mine are the ones on the left and Kate’s are on the right]:

Our seats (taken from a screen shot from the show) – I’m circled and Kate is to my right:

The view from our AMAZING seats!! [Kate very sneakily took this on her phone]:

The Show itself:

Probably due to our seats, I thought the show was amazing and seemed so much better being there in person than it appeared on TV. Similarly again Jonathon and Charlotte definitely sound even better there than how they sound on the TV.

David was really funny, we knew what he was going to do after the Showbears came on as we saw the hat by his feet before he arrived as it was right in front of us. Although when he jumped on the table I remember thinking “please don’t fall as you will fall on us”. I also loved how he turned around because we were screaming so much and very jokingly turned round and said “oh shut up”. Alesha and Amanda had ridiculously high heels on, Kate even said as Alesha walked past; “how do you walk in those things?”, and she replied “I don’t”.

Kate adds: Alesha is always so friendly.. she did her hilarious laugh and was like “I don’t!” LOVE her!

It is strange watching the show back as it does seem quite different than it did at the time. Remember too watching it back and saying “Oh my god you can see me!” as the audience booed Simon’s comment at the beginning. And poor Amy (my housemate I watched it with) having put up with me saying “look there I am” every few minutes.

You don’t miss too much, except the introduction to the results show is not live, it is pre-recorded at the end of the main show, and there are a few little comments and things with the judges you miss. Like the photo we saw in one of the papers the following day of Alesha, Amanda and David. That was actually Amanda and Alesha who wanted the pic and Ant took it (standing right in front of us), but then David jumped on the table and said he wanted to be in it. Also you miss the guys working backstage crazily to set up and put away, especially when they had less than 2 minutes to get the taxi off the stage for the next act to start.

The show in general too is a lot louder than it sounds on the TV, but what was actually deafening was when The Wanted came on stage, the girls behind us screamed so much, I actually got a head ache and ear ache at the same time.

Less than 5 minutes in you can see me behind Alesha when the audience boo Simon for this comment regarding ‘The Show Bears’ (screen cap from the show):

Also noticed that I was the first to stand up when the audience gave Jonathon & Charlotte a standing ovation lol (screen cap from show):

This is the pic which was in ‘The Mirror’, this is basically the same view we had as we were sitting right behind Ant when he took it:

Meeting Julia (Simon’s make-up artist), the book and almost getting chucked out:

At the beginning of the show the security spoke to everyone in the first 2 rows and said that due to the judges being under some pressure and often busy we weren’t allowed to shout for, bug, touch, etc any of the judges. If they turned around and spoke to us that is different but we couldn’t say anything. They made it very clear in that, and that if we did say anything we would be chucked out straight away. I understood why, and thought it was just to prevent some people who I could imagine shouting continuously at them and abusing them in some way or even almost pulling them off the platform as they walked past, but it also became apparent how strict they were being on this.

We were worried on occasions like when we made a few comments which they heard that we would be pulled up on this. However they actually didn’t care about this.

About half way through the show and almost out of no where Julia just appeared. I think this was actually only the second time we had seen her for the whole show so far. It took me by surprised and I just without thinking said; “oh, it’s Julia”. She heard this and looked at me with a kind of “how the hell do you know me face”. I apologised and said we were big Simon fans and that was how we knew her, although mainly because Roycey mentions her almost every show without fail. She was absolutely lovely, she shook our hands (which were so soft) and started chatting to us. She asked if I wanted the book signed by Simon and offered to take it. Of course in a very enthusiastic voice was saying “yes please, that would be amazing if you could”. We found before that if you act like bigger fans than you are it is amazing what you can get away with. She took it to him, and then mouthed across the Judges table, “what’s your name?”, I tried to say “Carly” and she mouthed it back it looked right. Obviously there was a mistake somewhere as Simon signed it as “Hi Kylie”. It was a short break she literally walked past and gave it back and walked on.

The next break a security guard came over to us looking very seriously and said to us; “now girls, do you remember the conversation we had at the start?”! At this point Kate and I were almost panicking, although also very confused, seeing how we had not said a single word directly to any of the judges. He then spoke of the book, basically accusing us of harassing Julia about it! We explained what happened and how she spoke to us, not the other way round! He then asked if Simon has actually signed it. When I said he had, he at first looked almost surprised and quickly stated he would have to confiscate the book. I actually agreed, thinking although a misunderstanding I would rather have that than being chucked out, at which point he smiled and said actually not to worry he wouldn’t and that we should just be more careful.

Kate adds: I got SO worried by this point when the guy came over! I was just like “sorry sorry!” haha

Simon’s autograph in my book (even if he did get the name slightly wrong):

Dancing with Alesha:

I felt I should mention this as I mentioned it on Facebook and got a few questions. At the end of the main show when Ant and Dec recapped the numbers they showed us the same thing that those at home could see, and as the music was quite loud I was happily dancing along to the music (like I usually do and had been doing throughout the whole show). Alesha was doing exactly the same thing and almost the same time we both realised we were doing the same little dance in our seats. She twisted her chair round, smiled at me and we started dancing together to the rest of the clips, when the music and the clips stopped, returning back to the studio live, we both stopped at the same time and she burst out laughing.

Leaving and the Hotel:

We left only 10 minutes or so after ‘Britain’s Got More Talent’ started. We found Penny and Paul quickly and headed straight back to the car and the hotel. Good thing that we were able to get a lift from Paul as it seemed the Underground was already shut even though it wasn’t that late and we had absolutely no clue where we were going. We knew we could check in late as I had phoned the hotel up already and they were happy as long as we could confirm on the phone we were still definitely coming.

We weren’t staying anywhere at all posh as it was only the Travelodge. It was funny listening to Kate constantly comparing it to the hotel she works at. Being me and a tad hyper I just started posing on the bed lol. We were also too lazy and tired to actually be bothered to make up at the spare bed for one of us (especially seeing how they didn’t provide any sheets for it and it was very late), so just kept with the double bed. Think in the end we ended just chatting about random stuff until about 2am.

Kate adds: Amazing few days together! Although it was long, tiring and there were a few tears along the way.. I had a great time! Love you C! ❤ xx

Me posing in the hotel room, while just a tad hyper:

Me posing again:

The view from our room’s window – Still very close to Wembley (as I’m sure you can guess by how you can see Wembley Stadium):

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The Purpose of this blog!

I’m setting up this blog, which as I say there is 2 sides of me, this is my normal every day side of me. Now that I’m graduating and moving onto what I think are new and very exciting plans which hopefully will take me around the world, I thought it would be great for me to document them.

I also think this will be a great way for friends and family to keep up what I’m doing on a day to day basis, as I don’t think I will see people so much, and it will be like my own diary which I can look back to later and remember all the memories I made.


Remember this is my second blog! I will keep my other blog (i.e. my ‘Life as’ blog) open still and still will be posting relevant information on there too. I know it looks kind of similar to my other blog, which was generally the idea too.

I also may post edited versions of that blog on here. As I am sure I will say on those posts too, please don’t be offended if you feel you are a close friend and not got that link, it’s just that that blog is written for a very specific audience. Most of the content you will not understand or at least not understand the relevance and you will probably will find quite boring.

Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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