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A (Very Late) Diary of a Show: ‘Celebrity Juice’ [Edited version] – London, Wednesday 14th March

Intro – Although uploading and posted on Friday 8th June 2012 I actually wrote this on 15th March which is why this is the date it is published under. I just happened to come across this when uploading some other blog posts. Also this is very slightly (this time) edited from the original so I hope it flows. The only parts missing are for those who also go to a lot of these shows or fans of the same thing, as parts you won’t understand or will just find plain boring. Similarly please remember if you do go to these shows, you probably won’t actually meet anyone or get seats like ours, it is just because a) we always get good luck, and b) do enough shows to know the tricks of the trade.

Summary – I wasn’t actually planning to go to this, even though I was offered a ticket and I know how difficult they are to get I didn’t particularly want to go. Reason being that I really don’t like ‘Celebrity Juice’. It’s just not my kind of humour usually and find it a little OTT and slapstick for me personally. However as I love going to these shows in general; love the atmosphere, meeting celebs and everything that goes on at them. I thought I would regret it if I didn’t.
This time I went with Paul (who I know from Twitter and have mentioned before) and with his sister Penny (I have known on Twitter a while too) and her friend Shelly.

Getting there:
This was on a Wednesday and I had a gym session for an hour in the morning at Uni for my course. I didn’t have to be in London until 2 or 3pm. So what I did is I wore my gym clothes to Uni and then straight afterwards changed, left the bag in a locker at Uni and walked to the train station from there.
I was quite lucky as we are suppose to finish gym at 12, however with Michelle it is usually around 12:15 when we actually finishes. This time it was 12:05 though so by the time I was dressed and leaving Uni it was only 12:15. I got to the train station literally with one minute to spare to get the 12:50 train. The walk was longer than I thought it would be although Im sure the diversion to the shops didn’t help.
By the time I got to Hammersmith it was 2pm. The tube station wasn’t what I remembered and looked quite lost. At least however I found Paul and Penny very easily. This when I realised this was a different part of the station and we had a 15 minute walk past the Hammersmith Apollo (which I knew quite well now) and to the Pinewood Studios which was around the back only 100m down the road.

I don’t know what I was expecting not doing a small show like this but these studios really were tiny. We had to queue in an underpass which in all honesty was quite discusting.: It had lights hanging dangerously low and the whole place stunk, was dingy and not at all looked after.
Luckily for us we were the first to get there in the priority so were out of the subway and could sit down on the steps. The underpass (and steps) were divided into 2. One side was Priority and the other was ‘General’ as they now call it. When we arrived there were 2 people with general tickets and just us. We were expecting more I assume as Penny and Paul were rushing to get there and Shelly was there already standing in the queue in case. Again this seems too early and far to egar but as it turns out this is a show in particular you need to be very early! As this is the first time I had actually met Paul and Penny in person we were happy chatting for the next hour or so.
A couple hours later it was getting rather busy, although still 2 hours before the recommended time there was about 50 Priority and 50 General already. We took some little walks: First to the shop to get supplies; cider and chocolate to be exact. I was still eating my sandwiches and Paul promised me McDonalds for afterwards. Then with Penny to the toilets, but calling by the Papparazzi to see who was here. Alexandra Burke seemed to be the only one here and had come with Jermaine Defoe. We had apparently just missed them by only 5 minutes and the people standing at the door had photos with them. Nobody else had been seen.
By 6pm the Applause Store had turned up with security and the numbers had doubled! The VIPs were here too. They collected in the tickets and security were already telling people they could try queuing but there not any chance they would get in. We at least had our stamps so were garenteed to get in.

The queue (time – 6:08pm), the tunnel is about 100m long:

The Studio:
We finally got in around 6:30pm and had great seats 🙂 We were in the 3rd row from the front. This was a good thing too because the set up was 3 rows then all the cameras and then all the stands, and so they had the cameras in their way unlike us. I was really taken back with how small it was! The studio was tiny and didn’t seem to take more than 300 people or so. I could see too why Paul wanted to get there so early now. The VIPs and only around 10 Priority got in the front 3 rows. The rest of Priority were up in stands and by the looks of it only about 20-30 General actually got in. So anyone with Regular tickets and got there after 4pm didn’t get in. The rest (and I mean about 50-60) were Production!! Practically a third of the stands were reserved seats.

The view from our seats (weren’t really allowed to take pics inside; it actually felt closer when there:

The show itself:
If was interesting to have a different warm guy. I was so use to Roycey due to Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, etc. This guy was very funny though. He names groups of the audience: Primark, Tescos and Lidls. We were Primark. We had to practising cheering on cue and there was a kind of intro to explain what was going on. We also did some strange exercises and pretending to swim… actually not sure what that was all about. One guy was so funny in the audience that they bought him to the front to guide us and was ‘in charge of audience of partipation’.
We then did a few audience shots and all very strange as we had to do cheering and laughing too. Laughing on cue and for a long period of time is actually quite hard I learnt and I’m not sure how genuine it seemed. While they were doing this some of the production team were giving out fake moustaches. I was so dissapointed that we were hadn’t got one as only those in the stands got one. We even tried asking the warm-up guy if he could get one but they didn’t have any spares.
After a while Keith Lemon came in and went past us shaking our hands before getting to the stage. Holly and Fearne met him on the stage. They talked about a load of random stuff, usually which meant picking on either Fearne, Holly or the Producer of the show for around 15 minutes. After I think they had run out of abuse to throw at the producer and answering a random question of Holly regarding how guys go to the toilet, they welcomed out Gemma, Jorgie and Alexandra to the stage. They sat down, and the random lady who dissapeared from the audience earlier appeared on stage and they explained why she was sitting in Mel B’s seat.
There was a lot of stopping and starting. Every little mini break we got the warm-up guy had us singing, dancing and eveything else, including singing ‘Will Will Rock You’ with the clapping. The warm up guy also made us sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to 2 people in the audience, who were then able to go on the stage and meet everyone.

What was cut from the show:

This is the episode we saw if you haven’t seen it –

Although we were there for around 3&1/2 hours watching this only about 30 minutes actually was shown. It didn’t feel that too much was cut especially in the first half. The order was a little different like they did the bedroom part in a different place. They also did 2 songs each even to the mirror rather than just one. They did miss a funny part too when Keith phoned Mel B, Alexandra and Gemma to ask them over to the bedroom. Most that was cut obviously was when the stage was rearranged, etc. Although when Fearne’s team were suppose to have rearranged the set, they just went backstage it was the production team who did it and it was all planned as the audience had their moustaches for several hours before, even though Jorgie apparently “chose it randomly on the day”.
Another part I’m not suprised was cut was actually a racist comment really which was the one about what Defoe was the first to do and Holly’s first answer was “go to an exam”. There was just random lines cut out all over the place. Simailarly in the buzzer round it looks like they answer it right first time but actually Holly in particular was throwing in loads of random answers for every question first. Oh and the “Just Call Me Al” music was played so many times, by the end I was just so bored of it!

Meeting everyone after the show:
We weren’t, or at least I don’t think we were, intending to hang around too long due to the latest but did by the end.
Alexandra Burke – I actually meeting her was a complete fluke! Me and Shelly went to the toilets at the front of studios, knowing there was none in neither in the station nor the McDonalds we were planning to go to. I was waiting outside for Shelly to come out when I heard lots of chatter and realised it was Alexandra Burke having photos with a few people only a couple of meters away. She was coming from the bar area and going to door behind me. I asked for a photo and she said “of course you can sweetheart”. I tried taking it myself but luckily Shelly came out to rescue me. As this was kind of tucked away and most had come there was very few people around and we had plenty of time with her. I texted Paul saying “Get here now!!!”, forgetting I had his phone on me in the Fleece I borrowed as I was cold lol. What was scary was how similar she was to Alesha Dixon. Seriously same height, same build, similar look, the way they acted and spoke. Just was so similar I swear they could pass as the same person.

Fearne Cotton – We had met back with Paul and Penny and decided to follow the Papparazzi. They seemed to know what they were doing. We headed towards the back door after a few minutes and saw someone getting in a car. It was Fearne. We rushed over and I was trying to take a photo. Paul shouted “Can we have a photo please?” hoping she would pause for a second, instead she said “Sure” and had a photo with me, Paul and Penny. She was very nice and seemed very laid back. Her security was rushing her but she seemed to ignor them and checked with Shelly that it came again before saying goodbye and getting back in the car.

Holly Willoughby – We were still waiting around with the papps at the backdoor. This seemed to take forever! We were chatting to the guys in the cars but they wouldn’t tell us anything. We saw Holly get in her car, we ran over but wouldn’t have got her anyway as she had about 6 people surrounding her and escorted her to the car.
Mel B – We saw another car there, we asked but still couldn’t find out who it was. Finally the doors opened and these random people got in the car. Suddenly clicked it was Mel B’s ‘Team of People’. About 5 minutes later there was a lot fuss around a door on the side of the building. We saw Mel B get into her car. The papps followed her and were taking lots of photos, she was practically screaming at them as if she was suprised or hadn’t seen them before. They followed her up the road too, not that they could see anything though.
We asked the bodyguard and a lady at the door if anyone was here and Paul specifially asked about Jorgie as he wanted to meet her and they said very suttlely that they would be around the front enterence and were here. They seemed reluctant at first but we kept saying we were big fans and weren’t papparazzi.
Gemma Collins – Inside I saw Tania. As the “Phantom Hugger” there is a good chance someone would be around. I went asked her especially as she’s now following me on Twitter (not sure if that is a good thing or not). Felt stupid asking as less than 3m away was Gemma. A few people around her but very easy to get a photo with her.

Georgie Porter – No more than 3 minutes later Jorgie came out. We asked for a photo which she happily agreed to. She introduced us to her ‘Dancing on Ice’ partner Matt, who I didn’t know who he was in about until afterwards.

Heading back: 
We finally left around 11pm (about an hour and a half after the show finished). We saw Alexandra Burke’s Dad and Sister who were just getting in the car. We asked if Alexandra was still around, they apologised saying she had left and we ended up chatting to them for about 5-10 minutes. Her sister is so much like her! They are like twins, so obvious she was the sister. She was such a lovely girl though and was nice they took the time to chat to us.
We finally got the underground and headed home (deciding we didn’t have time for McDonalds now). I finally got into Bedford around 2am I think and by the time I uploaded the pics to Facebook (and found my stupid memory card reader!) it must have been about 4am.
I did check Twitter and Facebook. I seemed to get a few questions and jealous Tweets, especially from Nona who wrote both on my wall and Tweeted me saying “I hate you” :)) – Good thing I know she is joking.
I love how over the next 2 days I got several people asking me how I met so many celebs in a short period of time and where the photos were from.
It is true I calculated that just in the last 5 weeks I have met: Fearne Cotton, Alexandra Burke, Gemma Collins, Jorgie Porter, Alesha Dixon, Carmen Electra, Keith Lemon, Dec (as in Ant & Dec), David Walliams and of course Simon! Also saw Ant and Amanda Holden, both who spoke to me even didn’t get to meet.

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