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Another Diary of a Show [Edited Version] – Britain’s Got Talent Auditions in Birmingham (Sunday 19th February 2012)

Intro: I will write this in exactly the same format as the last one. There will be a summary, then written in the form of a diary in chronological order with subheadings. This one wasn’t as long as we only went for one day and the total time was less than 36hrs. The only difference as this time I was with Kate rather than Nona, the edits will read “Kate adds…” rather than “Nona adds”.

Summary: This time next week I couldn’t have predicted how this would work out as the entire plan by the time I left my house on Saturday evening had been changed completely, and the whole preparation was a nightmare! In the end after all the chaos, I went to the Birmingham auditions with Kate (who I know from Twitter) and her friend Loz. We all stayed with my little brother (well to me as he’s 20 years old lol) as he lives in Birmingham for most of the year and is currently studying at Aston University. It was good but in a different way as we didn’t get to meet Simon this time but we did make a present for him and got a reaction in the audience again. We were just a tad disappointed not to meet him though.

By the way this by far is the least organised and confusing set auditions I have ever been to. We spent most of our time just looking lost.

Kate adds: “We were just a tad disappointed not to meet him” is an understatement, personally I was really REALLY disappointed and slightly angry at the Applause Store seating arrangements and people who didn’t get there early like us got better seats >.<

Original plan:

The original plan was so very different to the outcome. Originally I just had 3 regular tickets for the Sunday 1pm show because when me, Livi and Katia requested tickets we applied to Birmingham too in case we didn’t get any day in London and were using this as a back up plan. When we found between us we had 2 days in London there was no point in Livi or Nona flying in again or Katia making the trip, so Livi gave me these tickets. My brother lives in Birmingham so it was easy to stay over there and as I didn’t know anyone else to offer the ticket to and Tom was allowing me over so I also let him invite his friend Rodger to join us. Kate didn’t have tickets at all at first but with the help of someone we both know on Twitter who has friends working at the “Applause Store” got her 4 priority tickets for her and 3 of her friends also for the Sunday but in the evening 6pm session. We weren’t sure if we would see it each other depending on the timing.

This was also all put to rest with disappointment when I posted my excitement on Facebook and Cat from Uni (who I run the trampolining club with) me reminded me that it was on the same day as the competition, which although I was not competing in, I was judging, because we had to provide a judge and I was the only qualified person, so I had to go.

Friday 17th February 2012:

Chaos and confusion:

Over the past week, my want to be a judge decreased further and further. I felt really bad anyway to turn down helping at the competition because it would mean I was putting Britain’s Got Talent ahead of them and they don’t understand the fangirl side of me. However the last training session nobody turned up and didn’t seem to care about it so I had already found out I can phone in ill, which I was considering but in the end as nobody was ready on Friday which is why Cat cancelled the competition. I was texting Kate basically all day trying to persuade her to come up on the Saturday evening but she wouldn’t because although her friends were all friends of hers they didn’t know each other so would be unfair to expect them to come up together on the Sunday together without her there. She was still waiting for her friends to get back to her as she didn’t know what was going on it seemed and was still asking if she could come up to stay up to me the night before for the sake of the barrier. In the mean time we were working out how early she could get there as there was a chance I would not see her at all.

For the afternoon of Friday I was making the sign which I had a sudden brain wave during my athletics session in the morning. I also made something else which I will not mention now. Then at 9pm I got a phone call from Kate and turned out 2 of her friends had finally got hold of her and now weren’t planning to go. This would have been fine accept this included the driver and now they had no way of getting back when the show finished or anyway really of getting there very early. She was desperately trying to swap her tickets from 6pm to 1pm with the help of Paul and we did manage although as this is a public blog I will not post how. Then with the help of Skype we were straight on the phone to Tom to make sure it was OK for both Kate and her friend Loz to stay over, sorting out train times and logistics all at the same time. Finally by about 1am we were sorted with a plan which would work, and in my opinion a lot better than the original one. Rodger who was coming seemed to have forgotten about it so it was easy to make me, Kate, Tom and Loz the 4 and use her priority tickets together instead. Better seats and we could all sit together.

Kate adds: It was such a kerfuffle (I think people will get confused with this word haha. Means nightmare but I prefer kerfuffle). I am quite an organised person and everything was so last minute I was freaking out. Plus with working 8 days on the run and no day off from work/uni in weeks and no lie–ins, I was so tired and a tad stressed out. All’s well that ends well though!


Saturday 18th February 2012

Arriving in Birmingham and meeting Kate:

Being me, I told Tom I would get to Birmingham around 2pm. It is about 2 and half hours on the train. However instead of arriving then, this is the time I left. Kate also was a bit behind on her timings it seemed and wasn’t due to arrive in Birmingham herself until 7:30pm. So when I got there the first priority was a trip to Argos with Tom to get some airbeds and dinner. We went to Wetherspoons (which for those who aren’t English is a bar/restaurant chain) where of course we had to have a “beer and burger”, although I don’t drink beer, only cider. While there I had a sudden panic as I looked in the bag and realised that after showing the sign to Kate on Skype I put it back in the wrong bag! I put it back in the bag with an old sign from last time not with the blank one. Realising this and panicking I insisted to start to replicate the sign in the middle of Wetherspoons, with just a few strange looks from the waitress when she bought over the food. Tom already was looking embarrassed by the whole thing. At least by doing it once before it was quick and easy. After this we did a trip looking for more wrapping paper as the one I was using went wrong when I tried ironing it (don’t even ask!) but this was unsuccessful. With our last bit of time before seeing Kate we were in Tom’s room blowing up the new airbeds with a hair dyer (very clever Tom!) and I was still attempting to colour in the sign.

At around 7:15 we head towards the train station. Apparently our timing wasn’t the best and the trip from Aston University to Birmingham New Street station was a lot longer than I remembered it to be, so by the time Kate got there we were still 5 minutes away. She told us she was outside WHSmith which was fine as we knew where that was. When we got there however we found she was not there. I called her and she insisted she was there. It took us a while to work out that although we were at the same WHSmith it had 2 sets of doors, one at the platform side and one at the ticket booth side. I did see a girl on her phone with a friend and thought it could be her as I hadn’t met her before and was basing it on a few pics of Kate I had seen, I didn’t want to risk it. Gave it away though when the girl put her phone down walked straight over and hugged me, lol.

Kate adds: Haha, it was like..

Me: We’re outside WHSmith

Carly: So are we

Me: *looks back* we are though! *turns to the left* hiiiii *puts phone down*

Me and Tom in Argos

Us in the Wetherspoons

Blowing Up the airbeds with a hairdryer

The evening before and camping out:

Once we had dumped off their stuff we all left with Tom’s flatmate Neil to go to the pub. We chose a quieter pub so we could actually all talk. Rodger joined us not too long after. Feel sorry for the guys (and even Loz to a degree) as me and Kate in traditional Saula fan style were both very chatting discussing various Saula related subjects even showing videos. Think I embarrassed my brother the most however when I was trying to show Kate my demonstration of Roycey impersonating Simon’s comment regarding watching movies from the previous week. Slightly painful for me as I ended up with carpet burns (again don’t ask! I am sure Nona and Livi will understand what I mean though). After the pub we went to the local chippy (for those not British the “chippy” or sometimes the “chipper” is a slang nick name for the “Fish and Chip shop” which as well as fish and ‘fries’ sells loads of fast food) because Loz mentioned she was hungry and I think in the end we were all getting chips (‘fries’ in American). For some reason Kate had a problem with my chips because I put ketchup on Cheesy Chips. Apparently she thinks that the idea of ketchup with cheese was disgusting.

We were camping out on Tom’s room, and to say it was a squish would be an understatement. The airbeds literally just covered the whole floor. I shared my brother’s bed and Kate and Loz had an airbed each. We all bought our own sleeping bags and pillows.

Still crazy that we are camping out in my brother’s room even though Loz knows neither of us, I feel I know Kate but never met before and Tom had allowed us all to stay around and the only person he knew was me accept speaking to Kate with on Skype the day before for about 15 minutes (literally).

Although we got back to Tom’s around 11:30pm don’t think we got to sleep about 2 or 3am. We were making the Saula sign and I suggested to Loz if she wanted to meet Ant and Dec she should make a sign for them. The only paper Tom had was A4, so she cellotaped 4 pieces together and using the crayons (yes still Crayola ;) lol) made a sign for them.

Kate adds: Right this has GOT to be said… chips, cheese AND tomato sauce/ketchup… that is just ewww ;)

Me, Kate and Loz

Tom and Rodger I think trying to attempt to look intelligent:

Kate said she was cold (if you were wondering lol)

All 4 of us :)

Us with our chips (ketchup and cheese included ;) lol)

Obviously too much of a tiring day for Tom ;) hehe

Me and Kate before starting on the poster again (you can see it in the back ground)

Us in Tom’s room with Loz making her Ant & Dec poster

Kate’s lame attempt to hide from the camera

Sunday 19th February 2012

Minor detour!:

All our alarm clocks when off around 7am. The funniest was Kate’s as her phone was on the table charging and she had to get up in the dark to turn it off. All we heard after she turned it off was a large thud as she tripped up on the airbed on the way back. I was the first up as I still yet to finish the sign and had the quotes to add to it. By 8am I had finished and the others seemed to have managed to roll out of bed.

We walked to Birmingham New Street train station, with a little detour via the local shop for food for the day (including a discussion about whether tuna should come with sweetcorn or not lol). Also a minor detour via Burger King for what Kate considered to be breakfast. Some how we still got Kate the wrong ticket as it was for Virgin Trains only and both directions we didn’t use Virgin trains. In the end when they did check the tickets, I put it with mine which was right and the conductor didn’t even notice. We had to wait 20 minutes for the next train as it was a Sunday morning. We were worrying as we would be arriving at about 9:30 when we were hoping to get there before 9am. When we got to the Birmingham International we were following the signs to the NEC when Kate noted that this was the NEC and we wanted the ICC! We were already running late and after checking the tickets again we were at the wrong place. Of course I had to blame Kate ;) That was the theme of most of the weekend, ever since the sign issue I blamed Kate for everything that went wrong lol. We panicked and didn’t think we would get to the barrier in time to be at the front. We didn’t even know where the ICC was. I heard it as the NEC when she said it the night before and I think I thought it was there because I went there a year and a half ago for The X Factor, therefore I assumed this would be too, not to mention “the NEC” and the “the ICC” sound very alike, especially when said quick and you didn’t realise the ICC even existed! When we searched where the ICC was it was only 5 minutes from Birmingham New Street station which is where we got the train from the first place! We again had to wait around 15 minutes to get the next train back before finally making it to the correct location, speed walking across the city centre of Birmingham. Poor Loz and Kate were struggling to keep up, but we all got there in one piece by the end.

Kate adds: The airbeds were fine and comfy apart from me now having bruises on my knees as it sunk when I fell on it. Also I was facing Tom’s bed before I went to sleep, but as I know Carly well, I knew if she woke up and I was still asleep she would take a BAD picture of me so I turned to face the wall haha!

Tuna and sweetcorn ewwwwwww. Needs to be just Tuna obviously.

FYI… NOTHING was actually my fault, they just decided to blame me L *cries into pillow* haha.

Whilst running to the ICC I could have had some sort of asthma attack honestly. One thing this weekend has thought me is that my chest is 50 times worse than I first thought. Making doctors appointment this week.. oopsy! Worth it though for Simon ;) ❤

As you can see they were a lively bunch at 7am lol

Before we got dressed. This is as much as Kate would let me show of her at this time in the morning

Loz and Kate getting ready in the morning (probably the girliest Tom’s rooms looked with those straighteners)

When Kate was ready and considered herself presentable

Kate and Loz at Burger King (too early in the morning in my opinion)

Queuing and Negotiating:

When we arrived we thought the barriers were packed, until we realised that was just the queue and nobody had gone anywhere at all. There weren’t as many people as we were expecting thankfully. There could have been around only 200 or so. This sounds a lot but this was at 10am and it is a Sunday show too, not like London which was a weekday and people would need the time off. We couldn’t find the priority tickets line so I asked a random guy who had a “Got Talent” hoodie on and he said that the Applause Store people hadn’t arrived yet and that if we were priority we shouldn’t need to line up, so we should come back later. Kate was worried that we would be filtered out later of this queue and didn’t want to lose our place in this queue, and especially as we had nowhere else to go anyway. This guy also mentioned that the first acts would be outside.

After about 15 or 20 minutes later they started moving the queue to the other side in barriers that had been set out. We saw mine and Nona’s “new best friend” while we were there and actually shouted at him “new best friend, do you remember me from London?” he laughed and waved back. We had no idea what was going on or where we were going, let alone why. By the sounds of it neither did anyone else. Being me I went up and asked someone. It turned out the only reason was that queue was now spilling out onto the road and the idea was take us to a snaked barrier to keep the queue off the road. We asked if we were supposed to join this seeing how we were priority and they said they were keeping us all together for now. We were in the middle of this queue for a bit until we saw some people leaving, even though there no real announcement. A lady came to a group near us and said “hey, we have to go now” and we were confused with what was going on. We assumed they were priority but we weren’t sure. I asked one of them and it was, so we left that queue luckily. Nobody actually told us though they put us in that queue and never told us to leave. There was only about 20 people ahead of in the priority queue so we couldn’t work out why were in row T which was 20 rows from the front! We tried getting better tickets (in a polite way hehe) but it made no difference. We had realised that there was no judges barrier and assumed that is because the first acts were outside, which is why we made our mission to get a) get better seats and b) find out where to be for these first acts. Obviously firstly (and mainly due to Tom) we had to get our priorities right which was why went to Starbucks ;) I also went to every person I saw who had the t-shirts which said “Crew”, “Got Talent” or “Applause Store” on it to see what I could find out.

We headed back outside and asked people getting priority seats to see where they were and they were 4 rows behind us. We called Paul again and he asked who was there so I was going around taking photos and twitpicing them to Paul to see who we should speak to. A lady inside was giving tickets out which were in the first few lines, but they were for Virgin Media. We joined the queue just to see what happened to the spare tickets. Although Paul said she (who turned out to be Claire who Paul had mentioned before) she was not at all helpful. The queue outside was like an island, and we found although the first 2 acts were outside, we would be inside at the time. We weren’t allowed to go in either, so we gave up and sat down.

I asked Paul again for help and he said he thought Roycey would be outside soon, so I went outside seeing if I could see him and explain to Paul the very strange set up which was outside. They were filming the crowd shots. When I hung up a new barrier was being set up (in fact where a lady who were we were chatting to earlier said the judges went through on Friday). I asked the guy putting the barriers out what was they were for and he said “these are just the judges barriers”. They were filling up quick so I phoned Kate and told them to get there straight away! Another guy was doing the same and wait for his friends so we made a pact to bagsy the whole section for us and our friends.

This turned out to be a great place to be. They started moving the barrier around again and moved the queue to where we were and changing the set up ready for the judges.

Kate adds: To say I was annoyed with row T as our tickets would be an understatement, as I had been front row in Manchester last month I was well and truly quite angry since we had priority and were near the front of the queue. I think I had been too lucky in Manchester to be honest and my expectations were WAY too high for Birmingham. I blame Virgin Media. Screw you.

Tom and Kate in the queue which we seemed to be in for about 15-20 minutes for no reason

Us inside and feeling a lot warmer now

Us with our ticket’s :)

Judges Arrival:

Ant and Dec – As always Ant and Dec were the first to come out. We wondered what the screaming was about. They headed to where the acts were practising outside. Loz had her sign out and when Ant and Dec walked past they gave her the thumbs up. When they came back a little later, they both passed us. Kate and I shouted to Dec, “Dec! She has a sign for you”. He was about 4m down, he came down, read the sign, hugged Loz and kissed her on the cheek. The look on her face was priceless! As he walked back past I did my normal of asking for a hug and got one too.

Amanda – Amanda was the first to arrive. She actually didn’t speak to a single person, just walked straight in. I was quite confused by this. However I did shout, “congratulations Amanda” and she turned back and said “thank you” to me.

David – We heard rumours that David was coming from another direction ad couldn’t work out how that was possible as the road was the other side of the area. There was also rumours he was walking. We assumed they were joking but they weren’t. Someone even shouted saying they could see him at the pedestrian crossing. Still thought they were joking, but they weren’t! He actually did walk from the hotel and was followed by loads of people. Was funny to see him press the button at the pelican crossing and wait for the lights to change. He did his usual of stopping at practically every person on the way. Which is why we didn’t see him until after Alesha arrived.

Alesha – Alesha was a little more traditional and did turn up in a car. She spoke to loads of people. She did walk past us at first. She was about 10m down. I wanted her attention so shouted what me and Nona shouted in London but changed it to Birmingham. It really did work. As soon as I shouted “Alesha! Have you seen any talent in Birmingham so far”, she walked straight over to me and grabbed my hands again. This time she said “no” and everyone practically at once said “what!?” and looked confused. She said “oh sorry what was the questions again?”. I repeated it again and she said “oh no! No, we have seen lots of talent here so far”!

Alesha and David – By this point David had finally got to us and Alesha and David met right in front of us. I really hope to find the pics of them together, as you should see me, Tom and Kate in them as this happened literally right in front of us. As Alesha was there he was showing off his cakes he had in his hand with Ant and Dec’s faces on it (I think from fans further down).

Simon – Simon didn’t turn up. They said he wouldn’t but we didn’t believe them as they told us the same in London and he turned up straight after. However they were putting the barriers away already so we were more inclined to believe them. They weren’t entirely right thought because they said he was going through the back way, but instead it was just that he turned up so late that he didn’t have time to go in first he went straight to the outside acts. We could see that easily later as his Phantom was actually parked next to the where the acts were performing still and he even joked about if he could do the judging from his car still!

Kate add: I wanted to cry because I desperately wanted a hug haha! Nevermind :P

The strange set up they had. The open space is where the cars pulled up and behind that crowd is outside arena

Us at the barrier. Within about 10 minutes it got really busy!

It was so cold, must have been minus degrees C, this was Kate’s way of keeping warm

My camera was a bit slow this is literally after Dec hugged Loz. That is Loz’s arms you can see he’s still holding

Dec straight after my hug. Again Tom said the camera took the pics several seconds after hitting the shutter

Amanda arriving

Amanda walking past us

David… when he finally got to us

David getting closer to us

[No photos of Alesha as I was holding the camera and as she was holding my hands with my camera in my hands and as we were hogging too much time as it was couldn’t take any or when David was here as they had their backs to us to pose for the cameras in front]

The show itself:

Outside acts – The outside acts were just… strange and in all honesty I didn’t get it. One could have been done inside anyway and the other couldn’t really be done inside but seeing how the lives shows and Royal Variety is on a stage, surely it should be done inside on a stage. It was strange watching this too on a large screen on the stage and it made no difference what we did as they couldn’t hear us, they had a separate audience. It was just so time consuming and the whole process just took forever!

Also was weird because the whole format changed because of it. Usually at the beginning Roycey does an intro, then introduce Ant and Dec. They come on and they introduce the judges. Simon makes a speech then the acts start. This time the outside acts went first, then Roycey came on and they did the rest the same from there.

The guy who called Simon a “bell end” – I know this has been talked about a lot and it seems from what Paul was DMing us it was causing a massive stir backstage too. This guy came on, and in my personal opinion wasn’t too bad. Not sure if someone buzzed him or something but he just out of nowhere called Simon a “bell end”. The crowd had been booing Simon quite a lot, but at this point they were right behind Simon and start booing the contestant. All the 4 buzzers went off very quickly. Nobody spoke accept Simon who just said, “well I think you are being a complete and utter dick!” and the audience started cheering this comment. The contestant just stormed off stage. He seemed to have load of family and friends in the audience, they left suddenly and with a lot of fuss, and as they did Roycey came on stage and started singing “cheerio, cheerio, cheerio” (if anyone knows that chant) while waving and the entire audience joined in. It was hilarious! For that reason it was my favourite act, was the funniest thing I had seen with 2000 people sing “cheerio, cheerio, cheerio” to loads of family and friends as they left.

Kate adds: Hearing Simon swear was epic. Don’t ask me why haha!

The acts generally – Generally the talent was not bad at all. There were a few dreadful ones, but not many. Very few times all 4 buzzers went off. There were a lot that were good, but not great. There were also some outstanding ones, 2 come to mind. One was suppose to be a surprise in the size of the group as we saw them arrive we were expecting it and they were brilliant, one of the best acts by far even though nobody could decide what songs suited them best. The first act was also amazing! However I didn’t like it in that this is ‘BRITAIN’S Got Talent’ and they flew in from Hungary for this and only this, didn’t make sense to me as it kind of defeated the idea of the show to me.

Kate adds: mmm they were yummy :P

The audience – At the end Simon said this was his favourite audience. No idea why! I didn’t think they were great. Loads left near the end (probably because we were running so unbelievably late) and it just didn’t have the same atmosphere as the previous ones. The only time the audience really got involved was for the singing of “cheerio, cheerio, cheerio”, unless it was that he was referring to.

Kate adds: He obviously said that because me, Loz, Carly and Tom were there ;)

Where we were sat

Me and Tom at our seats

Me, Kate and Loz at our seats

All 4 of us together :)

The live auditions from outside on the big screen

Ant and Dec on stage and the judges had literally just arrived


After the show and saying goodbye:

When the show finally finished we went for a drink at the local Wetherspoons still chatting. Only stayed for one drink though as we had to rush back to get Kate and Loz’s things so could they could get to the train station on time. It summed up Saula/#Pamily meet ups and everything I love about them, when we were walking back the 4 of us were all arm in arm, even though we only met less in person less than 48 hours ago.

Was actually quite sad when we waved to them as their train left the station. Hope we can all meet up again, I loved those 36 hours.

My journey home was so long and tiresome. I just missed my train and had to wait an hour for the next. Also found that there was no Leicester connection so had to go via London. Thus instead went to Euston, walked from Euston to St Pancras (as the London underground was closed by this time) so good thing it was just around the corner. I finally got home around 2:35am.

Kate finally adds: I had such an amazing time despite the rush on Saturday with plans and tickets etc. It was great meeting Carly and of course Tom! (thanks for letting us camp out in your room) J

I hope to meet up with them both again soon sometime this year for even more flailing and fun!

Kate and Loz on the train just before it left the station :(

The pic we twitpiced at Bedford train station when I finally arrived back in Bedford:


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The First Diary of a Show [Edited Version] – Britain’s Got Talent Auditions in London (Sunday 5th February to Tuesday 7th February)

Intro: This is just a diary, and the first of many visiting shows like these with other fellow fans. I went with Nona, Livi and Katia, who I know from Twitter. We were actually a very international group as Nona is Swedish, Katia is Portuguese and Livi is Slovakian. Although actually Livi was unable to make the auditions, but we did see here in the evenings. This is adiary of 2 days at the London auditions for Britain’s Got Talent. We met all the judges at least once over these 2 days.

This obviously will be very long as so much happened in the past 2 days, I will write it in a diary form and chronological, however I will put in subheadings too. I apologise if this not flow, as it was difficult to remove parts which you non-fans will not understand without removing too much of the context. I hope I got the balance right in the end.

I will include the relevant video clips and photos under each subheading.

[Nona also has added her comments too, this will be apparent where]

Summary: We had tickets for Monday’s 1pm show and also Tuesday’s 1pm show. I can’t believe we did it I honestly can’t! I know a few have written letters, etc but we decided to be a lot more public and almost embarrassed Simon in front of 2000 people. Don’t think he has ever been asked what we did until now, a subject which I will not public; we will just leave as a touchy subject regarding American Idol, which most fans will know.

Thank you so much to a very kind lady at the barrier with us we got the whole thing on film too! :D Sorry to Livi for putting up with Nona and I’s craziness.

Sunday 5th February 2012

I got a train to London on Sunday evening. Wasn’t the intention originally but would be nice to spend the evening with the girls and also it was almost cheaper even including the accommodation to get a train off peak on Sunday and stay the night than go on peak at 6:30am on Monday morning on peak.

Poor people around London had to put up with me and Nona. Me and Nona separately can be crazy, but put us together we are beyond crazy. Weird thing about Saula fans, I have met Nona only once before yet I honestly feel I have known for years and years! And genuinely feels like one of my closest friends. As she even said while we were planning my trip to Stockholm “now you know me well” and I made a stupid face with thumbs up, which made her laugh every time. We were so chatty, hyper and giggly on the underground I am sure that every person on every underground train just wanted to get rid of us as soon as they could!

I met Nona at Westfield’s shopping centre in White City (very funny to me as that is where me and Lorrie were when we were supposed to be meeting Val in Leicester Square – in fact actually felt the need to call Lorrie on my International Phone, even though she was in Memphis to tell her that I was at the same bus stop). We didn’t do too much except have spend time as the SH girls. First with Katia in Piccadilly Circus for something to eat, then we all the pubs and bars were closed met Livi at the hostel as she had only landed a little due to her flight being delayed.

The pic Nona took in the restaurant:


Me doing the stupid face and pose when Nona said “you know me well”:

VIDEO – Me talking through the Swedish alphabet my way. Honestly not had anything to drink, this is just what me and Nona are like together :) ) >

Monday 6th February 2012

Queuing for tickets:

We wanted to get there nice and early and as I learnt from The X Factor in June 2010 although the doors open at 1pm realistic you want to get there closer to 8:30-9am to be sure of good seats. So we left the hostel at 8am, with a minor detour to the shop, and arrived at Hammersmith Apollo at around 8:30. Was really surprised it was completely dead! When I arrived at that time at The X Factor auditions before in Birmingham I wasn’t even in the first 100 people. There was no real line so we just took pics of us outside. We did get to meet Twist’n’Pulse (who were runners up in last year’s BGT) too who appeared to be followed around like little ducklings. Nona picked on me as it took me a while to realise who they were for a few seconds.

Nona adds: Twist and Pulse were actually in 2010, not 2011. ;)

Outside when we first arrived:

Us with Twist’n’Pulse

We were in the queue waiting for around an hour or so, they then took our e-tickets and gave us actual tickets. When we looked at the seating plan we couldn’t really agree on if they were good seats or not. We then tried waiting at the barriers but they told us to go away and to come back at 2pm. We insisted on staying but they kept sending us away. So we went to Starbucks instead.

The Tickets:

Me and Nona at Starbucks:

The Applause Store were jerks!:

When we got back the barrier where the judges would arrive were absolutely packed. We went up and complained to every person who worked at The Applause Store we could find as they sent us away and now people were standing where we wanted to be only an hour ago! They kept saying “we thought as you had your tickets and seats you would rather get in the warm”, and we kept saying “seriously do you think we got here at 8am to stand around in the cold for nothing this is where we wanted to be and you wouldn’t let us”. In the end we ended up across the road, which turned out to be not too bad in honesty.

So strange as while we were there I kept looking at this girl as she looked so familiar and I couldn’t think where I recognised where she was from. It was only when I saw the magazine article she was holding and that she in the pic I worked it out. She was someone else we knew from Twitter. Such a small world as it literally went: Me, Nona, Livi, 2 other girls, Rochelle. So to check I shouted “ROCHELLE!”, she looked round but didn’t recognise me, so I should “I’m Sportycb from Twitter” and replied “Caarrlllyyyy!!!”. I really love how you meet fellow fans and although never met feel you know them.

Strange thing is that me, Rochelle and Nona all got interviewed by MSN news and it made it to the video :) ) In fact another guy I chat to on Twitter was there right next to us as well and didn’t see. Only found out when Kate said Paul had sent her link of him being interviewed and we were all on it. Here is the link > (Click here to watch!) [I honestly dare not watch too embarrassing, although Kate said it wasn’t that bad lol]

Nona adds: I watched, and they kept the stupid thing I said and the smart things Carly said. Argh. :P

From where we were standing:

Us with Ant & Dec in the background:

Meeting Tania Mcintosh (AKA “stalker girl”):

While we were waiting for the judges appeared this… well what could only be described as a strange. From the beginning there sounded like there was something wrong with her mentally. I know that sounds like a horrible thing to say but I am being 100% honest. She was telling us that she had met Simon loads of times and that she would do things like jump on the cars to get a hug from Simon (plus a few other celebs). She said that she was known as the “Phantom Hugger” and the security kind of hated her as she would do such ridiculous things. We clearly looked like we didn’t believe her as she said “seriously Google me, my name is Tania Mcintosh”. As a joke we did and found that she was telling the truth. You are welcome to look it up and see what I mean.

This girl was honestly crazy and was practically obsessed with Simon! We looked bad enough when you have 2 massive fans like me and Nona together being crazy fangirls, but this girl honestly made look us completely normal! For example she was wearing 2 of Simon’s actual t-shirts; one which she wore and wore she wore as a scarf. When we asked how she got them, she said it was because she slept outside his house for 3 days and he thought she might be cold. We mentioned Sinitta at some point and she said she loved Sinitta as she would bring her cups of tea if she sat outside Simon’s house for several hours.

The judges arriving (Day 1):

The strange part is we were convinced we saw Simon’s car drive past several times. Only say that was there was a Bentley went past with a police car behind it went past twice in both directions and confused us a lot. Even more so when there were rumours he was already in the building. In hindsight it was also interesting because Simon the following day didn’t turn up in a Bentley at all, he turned up in a Rolls Royce Phantom…and before anyone says I might be confused, as a huge ‘Top Gear’ fan I know well my cars well enough to tell the difference.

Ant and Dec – After ‘the warm-up’ guy who we all loved (who now I know is called Roycey) came and worked around the fans. Ant and Dec came out to do their links. We didn’t really see them as they literally came out, did their links, spoke to a few fans on the other side of the road and went back in. They never crossed over to where we were instead just waved to us and walked on.

Nona adds: At one point I shouted “DEC!” really loud, and Ant turned around and waved. Even they can’t tell themselves apart. lol.

David Walliams – David was the first judge to turn up. We were really annoyed as he did come over to our side of the road, but not directly across so missed us out. We were really hoping that he would come and speak to us afterwards, but never did unfortunately.

Carmen Electra – Carmen basically went straight in. She spoke to perhaps 2 people. In fact did a lot more posing in front of the camera than actual chatting to fans.

Nona adds: It seemed like no one had told her to walk up to the fans. Things changed in day 2 though.

Alesha Dixon – Alesha got out of the other side of the car to everyone else so came out our side of the road and came over straight away to meet us. She is so stunning seriously! And so sweet, she went along the whole of our section as well as a lot of that area shaking everyone’s hand and meeting everyone.

Nona adds: She really looked amazing. She had this really big smile on her face the whole time.

As for Simon he didn’t appear. We called over the security guards and he said that they aren’t expecting Simon and actually thought Simon was already inside. We waited for a bit but after another 10 minutes we realised how long the queue was to go inside and most people had given up and gone in we decided to join the end of the very long queue. We were speculating why Simon wasn’t arriving like the others, not helped by how that security guard suggested ideas of something on the lines of that it might be to do with his safety.

VIDEO – The Judges arriving >

The show itself (Day 1):

Talent wise there was not too much. As this is a public blog I will not mention anything too particular. There was one outstanding act though. The only disagreement is whether the group should be separated. At the same time there also was nothing really so ridiculous either. Just one act that nobody understood they were 2 friends; a lady and man in their 70s I believe. They said they had no relationship of any kind but for some reason Simon felt the need to question about this endlessly and could not see how this could be the case. His comments were really funny, but I genuinely think it was just because nobody understood what he was getting at. He said: “So you mean you have never watched a film together on the sofa and ended up lying on top of each other”. I wasn’t sure what was more funny the comment itself or how Roycey (the warm up guy) after the act left the show mocked Simon on this saying that this was clearly how this obviously how Simon watches films at home with friends. Just to top it off Roycey sat down on the stage and actually did his own impression of this and pretended to be Simon. Seemed that this subject area was Roycey’s favourite, as well as introducing Jackie Sinclair, as he had nothing better to do apparently, he spoke of Julia his make-up artist. He said: “This is Julia currently touching up Simon at the moment…. I wonder how she got the job”. If you have not seen Julia, you might not know scarily alike she looks to Mezhgan. If you said they were twins I would believe you.

Nona adds: Also, there was this one contestant who’s track was skipping a bit. Simon was his typical self. Contestant: We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties. Simon: That’s probably a good thing! [turns away from the contestant] Producer, help me……. The track is skipping? [turns back to the contestant] The track doesn’t want to be played. Still, in the end, the contestant got a yes from him with the comment: “Just because I can’t get this bloody song out of my head, I’m going to say yes.”

As for the judges themselves: Apart from Simon’s constant apparent need to speculate every contestant’s personal relationship he was was well… just regular Simon. His comments too were actually a lot funnier than before. Although half could have been David, as David and Simon sounded so alike there even I sometimes struggled to tell the 2 of them apart. Carmen was just harsh, in fact harsher than Simon. Some of the stuff she said could be considered rude and she was probably the most booed of them all. Strangely enough, by the following day though she was the complete opposite! I loved Alesha, she wasn’t spectacular in anyway but she made a lot of sense and really encouraged the crowd to cheer when need be and even gestured us to boo more at one point.

This all reminded me how much of this show feels like a pantomime. All we need is to have to say “it’s behind you!” and “oh know you’re not” and it probably would be. I actually love it for this reason, and we actually had to practise all various emotions and shouting “off, off, off…” at the same time while pointing to the exit.

Nona adds: I want to mention And and Dec again, because they really looked amazing! They came out on stage and said hi to everyone. I can’t remember much of it to be honest. lol. Also, for some reason, Stephen Mulhern didn’t come out on stage at all on Monday.

Where we were sitting:

Me and Nona at our seats (asked the people behind to take the pic lol):

After the show:

After a few texts with Katia we arranged to meet Katia where we were and charged our phones in Starbucks. We also decided at this point we wanted to make signs. We couldn’t find any large card or paper but in a card shop we found some thick glossy wrapping paper which was perfect. We also bought some Crayola crayons (yes kind of deliberate ;) hehe) to decorate and make the sign. Actually was the only things that showed up on there as we tried felt-tips to begin with and didn’t work.

We went for dinner at the pub there all together and I finished making the signs. Nona joined in at the end to finish some of the last of the colouring in. When I think of this, it makes me love how the only reason we know each other is that we are all on SH and yet it seems completely normal to spend the evening in the pub together have dinner and drinks. We took a few pics with the signs, and strangely enough got a few strange looks from the guy sitting behind us.

Nona adds: We never shut up. It was obvious that he was trying his best not to laugh. Ha!

Us in the pub all together (with Livi and Katia):

Me drawing the signs in the pub:


Tuesday 7th February 2012

Getting tickets and our “new best friend”

Strangely enough me and Nona overslept and actually got up later than we did the day before and even though we didn’t have the same detour via the shop in the morning we actually turned up at the same time as we did the day before. We went straight to the line and still weren’t the first in line. About an hour later they moved us to the barriers to queue there. Being me we got chatting to everyone including the security guard (which turned out to be a good move). They then told us that they will give us tickets and we had to go. We refused to go though. The guy from the Applause Store kept telling us that we had to go, but we reminded him about yesterday and how we had no interest in having a cup of coffee and being warm we just wanted our place against our ideal spot at the barrier. They claimed it was nothing to do with them unfortunately and it was all up to security. So before getting our tickets I gestured towards the security guard who we were chatting to earlier to come over to us again. I explained the situation and what happened yesterday and what the guy from the Applause Store just said and he was happy for us to stay if we wished. We got our tickets, which at first we weren’t happy about it but after seeing where they were and what we could also get we decided we liked them. We weren’t allowed to stay on that side of the divide and they didn’t seem too happy for us to join the other side of the divide too, so we stayed around the front with the security guards permission and stay chatting to him for the next hour. We also met another nice girl called Zainab who was on her own and had the same thing as us yesterday too so tagged along with us for the rest of the day. Slowly we sneaked into the lined section next to the barrier where the judges would go pass. The day before this was the section was for the media and we were worried that we would get chucked out but our “new best friend” the security guard was happy for us to stay there, and said he wouldn’t let us get moved. This is fact is where we stayed until we went in for the show.

Nona adds: 1) Carly didn’t wake me up! ;) 2) The guy from the Applause Store is an interesting fella. He’s the person we talked most to the day before about being annoyed over having been sent away (he seemed to be bossing everyone around, so I guess he was in charge of the tickets). However, on Wednesday when I went back just to see And and Dec and the judges, he came up to me, said hi and asked why I wasn’t in the queue. When I said that I didn’t have tickets for that day, he told me to ask a person who’s handing out tickets for one a bit later, since there may be spare tickets. A few hours later (while they were still handing out tickets to people who actually had the e-ticket), I went up to one guy and said that and got a ticket right away. WIN! If anyone wants me to, I can write a post about what happened on Wednesday. The only things worth mentioning though is that A) Everyone went in the back, so I didn’t see the judges, nor Ant and Dec. Because of this, they sent us in early and played a few old BGT clips while we waited. B) The judges got interviewed by Stephen Mulhern and Alesha said that Simon plays the word game with her. Apparently he had been doing it with Carmen, too. Alesah aslo said that one time he had asked her to say “ask her if she used to be a man”. From what I understood, Alesha completely ignored that. 3) I wouldn’t say we sneaked into the line, I right out asked the security guy “Can we stand here?” and pointed inside the barriers. He said, yes and then when people were starting to be let in we just stretched out a bit so all of us were standing pressed against the side where the judges and Ant and Dec would walk.

Me and Nona with our “New Best Friend” the Security Guard:

Chatting to those in the crowd with us:

As predicted it wasn’t long until others were starting to join us, but we already had our base against the barrier so we were happy. We met quite a few people in the area and we (well I lol) swapped numbers with many others. Anyone who knows me well knows I am a very chatty and confident person so this is quite normal to me.

We got chatting to a nice lady called Pauline, and were telling her all about how we know each other and how we are massive fans of the shows. The conclusion of this however was that the kind lady Pauline volunteered to film everything that happened using my camera, hint for why we got all of this on camera.

Me and Nona at the barrier:

Me and Zainab who me met in the queue:

Judges arrival:

I know I will have a lot more to say on these judges arrivals as this time we got to meet all of the judges a lot better :)

Ant and Dec – When we heard that Ant and Dec were on their way out we decided to get our sign we made for them out. One of the production team came over and warned us that Ant and Dec will walk straight past us and not to be offended it just because they will get their filming done first and then they will come and chat to us. When they walked out they actually stopped to read our sign both smiled and gave us thumbs up and said they would had to come back and chat to us. When they came back we managed to catch Dec quickly who actually remembered Nona from last time (I have a feeling that the Swedish flag might have been a small give away) and we asked for a hug, so had a group hug with Nona and Dec. However as they did so many takes due to the audience being so noisy they had no more time and had to go straight in so we didn’t get a chance to meet Ant too :(

Also we did get this on camera as Pauline thought she was filming apparently but actually it was still on camera so all we have is one pic with Dec’s head cut off and one of the floor instead lol.

Nona adds: Dec didn’t just give a thumbs up when he walked past, he pointed to the sign and to me. That’s why when they came back , I asked “did you recognize me?” (to see if that’s actually why he pointed to me) to which he replied “Of course, I’ve met you before!” in a tone that made it seem like it was stupid of me to ask because it was so obvious that he did. *dead* After, a very kind guy behind me who filmed Ant and Dec when they were out there with us said he would e-mail it to me since we didn’t get any pictures. I’m still waiting for that e-mail though. Hopefully he will remember to send it. Also, most of you may not know who she is, but Ant’s wife Lisa works on the show, too, and she was out there with them. When she walked past I (being a fan of hers, too) randomly said “Hi Lisa!” and she turned around and looked confused trying to see who’d said it. I just waved and she said “hi”, smiled, looked a bit confused and then kept walking after her hubby. I didn’t really feel like there was time to explain why I’d said hi, I just wanted a “hi” back, which I got. lol.

Carmen Electra – Carmen this time was the first judge to arrive. She did the same as last time and just made her way in stopping only at 3 or 4 people on the way after doing a lot of posing in front of the camera. We were one of the few she did come up to. As we had nothing for her to sign we got her to sign our hands… typically Nona then said she had a notebook in her bag along which she completely forgot about lol.

Nona adds: I LOVE Carmen Electra (I’m an old Baywatch fan… I actually re-watched the full show just a few months ago). I said “I’ve been a fan of yours for so long” and she actually looked up and smile and said “really? :D ”. I don’t think she was expecting to see any fans there at all after having had a tough first day.

Alesha Dixon – We got to meet again but better this time around. While she was working her way around the other side of the road someone from the production team came over to me and Nona and said that we had to ask Alesha: “Have you seen any talent in London so far?” when she came over. We did ask what about if they don’t come over as all the judges only ever stopped at few people and he said that the judges are expecting us to ask the question and that they will come over to us. She was so sweet, and the only one to actually the only one to answer the question, as David didn’t later. Afterward I asked for a hug which she did.

Nona adds: I also asked for a hug and was about to get one, but Carly talked so much that Alesha got distracted when she was about to hug me. I did get her autograph though (yes, I’d gotten that notepad out at this point).

David Walliams – David was the next person to arrive, however the time it took from when he got out of his car up until when he saw us was literally 10-15 minutes, reason being that after doing most the street on Monday this time he insisted on doing the entire street which was about 30 or 40m long with people standing on both sides! While he was making his leisurely stroll round someone from the production team came over to me and Nona again and asked us if we could do the same thing again, which we very happily did. When on the other side of the divide we were shouting “David, David, David…”, was funny as he turned around and said “yes that is my name” and turned back, didn’t stop us still calling him ;) After we asked the question and said “can I have a hug?” which he did.

He was a lot different to what I expected because for a comedian he was not at all relaxed. His posture was very upright and the way he acted was very uncharacteristic of a comedian of his field.

Nona adds: This time I actually did get my hug! lol. Oh, and the reason we were shouting “David, David” in the first place was that the production team told us to do it. Although, I think we would have anyway. lol.

Ant and Dec doing their links in the distance:

The only pic we have of Dec with no head (but has our Twitter names on paper lol):

Carmen arriving (we didn’t film this):

Carmen posing for the cameras:

Carmen signing my hand:

Me and Nona’s signed hands:

Ant and Dec doing links closer to us:

VIDEO – The other judges arriving >

Meeting Simon!!:

Around half an hour later there was a rumour that Simon might not be turning up. The camera crew gave up and headed in, so when he did arrive there was no reason to ask him the question. After about another 5 to 10 minutes we called our “new best friend” the security guard over and asked him what was going on, he said that Simon was on his way but would be another 20 minutes or so. Slowly people started to queue up and head in so the crowd around was depleting rather fast again. Then our “new best friend” (we didn’t seriously know his name so this what we called him and what he answered us by) said that Simon was only 5 minutes away. Me and Nona were rather nervous and were actually considering whether it was a good idea to use the sign. With the cameras gone there was no obligation for him to come to us and with everything over the last week we genuinely thought that he would either a) laugh at it and go to someone else, or b) give us a disapproving look and ignore us still just because of the use of the joke we had on our sign.

Nona adds: His name was Perez or Paris (honestly sounded like Paris. When he said it, I said “Paris?” and he said yes).

In the end we decided to keep the sign and take the chance. It was really interesting to see the people’s expressions on the other side of the divide as they understood the Ant and Dec one and even wanted pics of us with it, but this one just gained a whole crowd of people looking very confused. Nona shouted over “you don’t get it do you?” which they all replied no looking even more confused.

Nona adds: You do make me sound awesome. lol.

We were so happy that he did almost the obvious he smiled at it and came straight over to us :D We also both got a hug. I was just trying to test his reaction, knew he was hardly going to answer any questions which the press were also asking recently and he has not asked, however he did basically answer some of our questions which strangely he had refused to speak to the press about. I do hope it seems as apparent from this side on view as it was right next to him. The only part you don’t see as to shout to him I got my head in the way, was after he moved on to some girls around 10m up I shouted “give us a clue!” and he just turned back to me winked and went back to doing autographs. Oh and when I am laughing at Nona because she turned as he was walking away and randomly said to me “he smells so nice” lol! :) )

Nona adds: He does smell amazing! Also, as you see in the clip, Carly was still talking like a crazy person, so Simon almost just shook my hand instead of hug me. He did hug me though even if he was more focused on Carly’s questions (which is totally OK since it’s the questions we both wanted to ask).

THE VIDEO – [I felt obliged to remove for this edited version of the blog post. It is only on the original as without the context it makes little sense and I seem far too crazy]

The show itself (Day 2):

The show itself was very similar to the day before. I can’t think of many that stood out at all in honesty. During the break we were asked to do an interview, they asked about 20 people where the judges entered this and we had to sign release forms. I already done one of these as they asked me questions earlier which all I remember was doing off in a rant about Simon’s bubble baths and how he turned up late during ‘The X Factor USA’ with the excuse “a helicopter fell onto my car” :) ) The judges were much the same… except Carmen! We really didn’t know what to say about the day’s act as there was not much. Thing is with everything that just happened we also kind of didn’t care either.

Nona adds: Ant and Dec, Carly – Ant and Dec! You keep for getting them and you call yourself a fan? ;);) Anyway, I was holding up the Ant and Dec sign when they walked out on stage to greet the audience, and as they walked out Dec saw it and pointed at me for the third time in two days. This time we did get a video of it.

Our seats:

Interviews in the break (this is Livi and Zainab):

Embarrassing Simon  in front of everyone:

We actually thought that would be everything we could get from all of this, but in the second half of the show Roycey (the warm up guy) said that he felt he was neglecting us on the balcony and said he would come and see us. So after the next act he came up to the balcony. He was at our section although a little distance from us (about 10 seats across) and Nona decided to shout out “should we get our signs out!?” and he just turned around almost mid-sentence and said “should you get your what out!?” back to her. Which is when we started shouting we made signs! He said he wanted to see them and we had to actually look for them somewhere on the floor as we didn’t think we would really need them again. Everyone seemed to find this fairly funny, and Livi I think by this point was trying to disown us very quickly ;) lol! We didn’t care, even if we did seem a tad crazy. Although they actually found it more funny when the idiot Nona held up the Ant and Dec one up but upside down and didn’t even notice. He read that one first and asked why there was a Swedish flag which so we had to explain that Nona was Swedish.

Nona adds: I love all that I did that is mentioned here. Everything from asking if we should get them out, to the upside-down Ant and Dec sign. lol!

Then he read the other sign that I was holding up and said; “and the other one says what? Sah.. Sall…Sor..?” and I shouted back correcting him as he had no clue, as if everyone should know that. Which he replied back to me “are you on drugs!?” lol.  Then he looked at everyone else and said “anyone else got a clue about what this is about?” which a lot of the audience were shouting no and there was a lot of mumbling and chatter going on. So me and Nona shouted, “Simon knows, we know Simon knows, ask him”! So he went back to his mic and started calling Simon who had been paying absolutely no attention at all and when he looked round didn’t know where to look. Roycey said “Simon! We are up on the balcony”, Simon looked up and waved to the balcony. We assumed he must have seen us as he did his “oh god…where is this going” look as soon as he looked up and while we were waving rather madly waving and holding up the banner. Roycey then said “these girls are going on about something, apparently you can tell us what this is”. This is the point we realised we thought we could digging our self in a hole if he decided to plead ignorance and say he knows nothing of it. Also at this point I personally thought “oh god he is going to want to kill us”, but he instead he kind of just laughed and didn’t say much. Roycey then asked; “is this awkward?” and he gestured “kind of” with his hand and half shaking his head (would make more sense if I could show you than explain in words). Roycey then said “oh…”, turned back to us and said; “hmmm… I am going to have to find out what this is about now”, lol. But Simon was actually smiling the whole way through! Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to record any of this due to how you are not allowed to film after a certain point and with Royce the warm up guy talking to us we could hardly get away with doing it secretly. Simon actually turned back to us though and gave us the thumbs up! :D I can’t believe I missed this and almost didn’t believe Nona when she told me that, until I looked at my phone and saw a text from Zainab (the girl who is not a Saula fan we just met in the queue – and is @xenon21 on Twitter lol) who was sitting in row T saying “Hehe! I thought he would kill you but he gave a thumbs up ;) ”!

Nona adds: I still laugh SO much every time I think about the “are you on drugs?” question. Bwahahahhaah. I’m pretty sure that Simon actually said “Oh no” when he saw the sign. lol. All was good though, obviously. *thumbs up*

The text Zainab sent me:

The lights at Simon’s table:

A related note – I do love how you (well I seem to at least lol) make friends at these shows in the queue. I still text and tweet Zainab and we plan to meet up in London some time, not even a fan of the same things as us or anything just met in the queue. Us similar crazy and similar minded people gel well together.

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